C-1. Selecting the Capital College Faculty Commencement Marshal

C-1. Selecting the Capital College Faculty Commencement Marshal


To establish a practice for choosing the Penn State Harrisburg, The Capital CollegeFaculty Commencement Marshal.


The position of Commencement Marshal is one of the highest non-academic honors bestowed on senior faculty members by the Chancellor of the College.

A. Selection Process

  1. When the selection of a new Commencement Marshal becomes necessary, the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will prepare the list of eligible candidates for the Chancellor's review based on the criteria described below.
  2. The Chancellor will select the Commencement Marshal.

B. Selection Criteria

  1. The Commencement Marshal must be a tenured faculty member, preferably of senior rank and position, whose record of teaching, research and creative accomplishment, and service to the College and the University has been distinguished and exemplary.
  2. After the Senior Associate Dean completes the review of the candidates' accomplishments and determines that those accomplishments meet the "distinguished" designation mentioned in paragraph 1, one additional criterion will assist the Chancellor with the selection process: The time of continuous service at Capital College. The "time of service" means the period beginning with the first date of employment. The period of employment must be continuous, that is, without any break in service. Those faculty members with the longest periods of service will be considered as candidates for the position of Commencement Marshal.
  3. If the faculty member chosen to serve as Marshal cannot perform the duties for any reason, the Chancellor will review the qualifications of the other candidates from the list prepared by the Senior Associate Dean.
  4. At least one year before the end of the current campus Marshal's term of service, the Marshal Designate shall be selected to assist the current Marshal and become familiar with all the duties associated with the office. The Marshal Designate must be eligible to serve for a minimum of three years before retirement. The criteria described above also apply to the selection of the Marshal Designate.

C. Duties

  1. Once designated as the College Marshal for Penn State Harrisburg, the faculty member is expected to continue in his/her respective role until retirement or unless relieved of responsibilities because of illness or other reasons deemed appropriate by the Chancellor.
  2. The Marshal will perform such duties as designated by the Chancellor at public ceremonies or other official college events.
  3. The campus Commencement Marshal will assist the Chancellor with the maintenance of order and decorum at such events.

Approved: Academic Council March 18, 2003

Revised: Academic Council April 8, 2009