F-2. Summer Compensation for Teaching Faculty

F-2. Summer Compensation for Teaching Faculty


To establish a summer compensation policy for Faculty Members on standing appointments and Fixed-Term I appointments.


A faculty member can receive salary compensation up to 11% of his/her 36-week salary for teaching a 3-credit course during the summer.  For a course that is fewer or more than 3 credits, the compensation will be prorated accordingly.  For a course in which the number of registered students is inadequate to allow for full compensation, one of the following options will be exercised: (1) the Director of the school offering the course may cancel the course, or (2) per approval of the School Director, the faculty member assigned to the course may teach the course at a reduced salary.  Reduced salary will be based on the following rates:

  1. $102 per credit per student for 0-400 level courses
  2. $125 per credit per student for 500 and above level courses

While teaching, a faculty member is expected to be engaged in all of the professional responsibilities of a full-time faculty member.

All contract letters will indicate how many students must be registered to yield a compensation that corresponds to number of credits taught in the course.  If the course does not produce sufficient student credit hours to achieve such compensation, the School Director will consider pursuing one of the aforementioned options and inform the faculty member at least three workdays in advance of the start of the course.

Tenure-eligible faculty members (i.e., during provisional appointment) should be dissuaded from teaching during the summer sessions.  All questions regarding compensation should be referred to the School Director.

Approved: Academic Council April 1, 2002

Revised: Academic Leadership Council May 18, 2004

Revised: Academic Council April 8, 2009

Revised: Academic Council Spring 2014