F-3. Compensation for Faculty Performing Non-Teaching Duties During Summer Sessions

F-3. Compensation for Faculty Performing Non-Teaching Duties During Summer Sessions


The College acknowledges the importance of maintaining a critical level of service to undergraduate and graduate students during the summer. Some faculty members, such as Program Coordinators and others on 36-week contracts, may be asked to perform certain non-teaching duties during that period.


These guidelines establish the conditions and the practices governing appropriate compensation for administrative or non-teaching services performed during the summer.¹

General Guidelines

  1. Teaching and administrative duties will remain distinct areas for compensation purposes. Since administrative costs must be calculated separately, faculty members on administrative or non-teaching assignments will receive a separate contract for those services.
  2. Compensation for summer employment will be provided only for those services actually performed during the summer.
  3. Performing non-teaching and/or administrative duties during the summer is not a condition of employment for Program Coordinators.
  4. Summer employment must be approved in advance and under specific conditions by the School Director and the Chancellor.
  5. The School Director must determine the specific duties to be performed and establish the dates when the services will be delivered. Program Coordinators will be required to provide a list of services for the Director to evaluate before any Memorandum of Service or Letter of Employment is prepared.
  6. The employment letter must outline the specific administrative duties and the delivery date[s] of all services.
  7. Coordinators performing such functions as supervising internships will be compensated according to the formulae in guideline F-6: "Internship Compensation during Summer Session."
  8. The quality of the performance must be evaluated by the School Director at the end of the summer employment period in accordance with the written description of duties or anticipated outcomes agreed to prior to the beginning of the summer session.

Approved: Academic Council

Revised: Academic Council September 16, 2003

Revised: Academic Council April 8, 2009

¹Summer teaching is covered by guideline F-2 entitled "Summer Compensation for Teaching Faculty."