C-4. Cancellation of Classes Unrelated to Weather

C-4. Cancellation of Classes Unrelated to Weather


To establish a policy governing the cancellation of classes unrelated to weather.  (For the College weather policy, see C-5.)


Except in unusual circumstances, instructors are expected to meet all classes on the days and times assigned.  Illness is usually the only reason for a last-minute cancellation. 

  • Faculty members who must miss a class for any reason must seek prior approval from the School Director.  Cancellations incorporated into syllabi must also be approved by the School Director prior to the cancellation date.
  • Arrangements for coverage cannot be informally arranged by faculty. All arrangements must be communicated to the staff assistants in sufficient time to make plans to cope with any potential problems.
  • In case of emergency, notification should be made to the School Director, Administrative Assistant or other staff member and all students.
  • Responsibility for notifying students of class cancellation rests with the faculty.

Approved: Academic Council September 30, 2004

Provost and Dean September 30, 2004

Revised: Academic Council April 8, 2009