F-10. Processing New Adjunct Faculty (FT2)

F-10. Processing New Adjunct Faculty (FT2)


To establish a uniform procedure across the Schools to ensure that new adjunct faculty receive an appropriate orientation to Penn State Harrisburg, the Capital College.


After the School Director has arrived at a verbal agreement regarding the compensation and scope of work, the Director or designate should initiate the following procedures.

  1. Ask FT2 to provide an up-to-date resume and his/her social security number. This will allow for the preparation of his/her contract.

  2. While preparation of a contract is taking place, ask the FT2 to complete and sign an ACCESS ACCOUNT APPLICATION. When completed, deliver it to the Administrative Support Assistant in ITS. It usually takes 3 to 5 days for University Park to generate an account.

  3. Place book order with Bookstore. If necessary, call publisher to order a desk copy of the book and all supplemental material for the FT2.

  4. Set up a time in about a week for the FT2 to visit the campus to complete all Human Resources (HR) paperwork, obtain his/her photo identification, and to activate his/her Access Account. Remind the FT2 to bring the necessary forms of identification to complete the I-9 form in HR (passport or two of the following: driver's license, birth certificate, social security card. HR does furnish this information with the contract).

  5. When the FT2 visits the campus,

    • Introduce him/her to the staff and faculty, and give tour of the unit including his/her office and mailbox.

    • Show him/her the classroom he/she will be teaching in, if known.

    • Explain the security combination locks and how faculty are notified of combination code changes.

    • Remind him/her to lock all technology classrooms when leaving.

    • Escort FT2 to HR and wait while he/she completes forms. (Usually takes less then 15 minutes if contract was received prior to visiting the campus.)

    • Ask HR for a form stating that all paperwork has been completed. This form is required in order to obtain a faculty ID.

    • Proceed with the FT2 to the Food Services/Photo ID office. Provide FT2 with insight into the food services that are available and hours of operation. Provide Food Services staff with the form from HR. Food Services staff will manually add the person to the system and produce the faculty photo ID. Inform the FT2 what he/she can use the Faculty ID for:

      • Activate Access Account

      • ATM in Lobby

      • Diner's Club

      • Fitness Center in CUB

      • Library, to borrow materials

      • Discount at Bookstore on Penn State shirts, mugs, etc.

    • Escort FT2 to a signature station (ITS, Library or Swatara Building). Assist them in getting his/her user ID and password. Explain what the user ID and password will allow him/her to do:

      • Email

      • Log onto classroom PC

      • Log onto Library databases, CAT, etc.

      • Log onto the course management system (Canvas)

    • Explain how they can change the password and/or forward his/her Penn State email to another email account using www.work.psu.edu.

    • Escort FT2 to unit, review items such as textbook and supplemental materials, syllabus copying, provide faculty handbook (if not already mailed to home), technology needs, make any additional introductions, etc.

    • Provide campus map and explain how he/she obtains a vehicle registration tag.

    • Answer any questions and provide them with name and contact information should they have additional questions.