A-2. Final Examination Policy

A-2. Final Examination Policy


To reinforce the University Faculty Senate Policy 44-20 on final examinations.


The College's Guideline is the same as Senate Policy 44-20. All faculty members are required to follow that policy as interpreted locally by the Office of the Chancellor, the Senate, and the School Directors.

  1. Faculty members must offer a full schedule of instruction, e.g., fifteen weeks in a fifteen-week semester.
  2. Faculty members are not allowed to schedule any final examinations during the last week of classes.
  3. Faculty members who do not use final examinations to evaluate student work may not require any alternatives, e.g., term papers, final project reports, take-home examinations, or studio projects, any earlier than the first day of the final examination period. In other words, where end-of-semester examinations are not administered, require the submission of any alternative integrative and evaluational means worth more than ten percent of the course grade (e.g., term paper, final project report, take-home examinations, or studio projects) no earlier than the first day of the final examination period.
  4. Please refer to the Policies and Rules at http://www.psu.edu/oue/aappm/ if you have any additional questions about the College or University policy.

Approved September, 1999

Revisions: Academic Council April 8, 2009