Student Initiated Fee

Student Initiated Fee

The purpose of the Penn State Harrisburg Student Initiated Fee is to enhance the out-of-class experiences of all students by distributing Student Fee monies in an equitable, viewpoint-neutral, and timely manner as empowered by the Student Fee Board (SFB) at University Park and the University Board of Trustees. The Student Fee accomplishes experience enhancement through supporting facilities, recreation, services, and activities at our campus based on needs, expectations, and requests as determined by our Penn State Harrisburg students.


At the time of the creation of the Student Fee Board, the University charged three Student Fees in addition to tuition: the Information Technology Fee, the Student Facilities Fee, and the Student Activity Fee (Student Fee Board Handbook, 2017). President Eric Barron has indicated that the Information Technology Fee will be folded into tuition.

Beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year, the Student Activity Fund (SAF) and Student Facilities Fund (SFF) will be combined into one Student Fee called the Student Initiated Fee.

Guiding Principles 

The guiding principles of the Student Initiated Fee according to the Student Fee Board Handbook are:

1.3. Principles
The purpose of the fee is to enhance the out-of-class, non-credit-bearing experience at the campus based on identified student needs. The following principles guide the use of the fee monies:

  • Students should control the collection and utilization of their Student Fee dollars under the authority of the University President
  • Generally, revenue raised should remain at the campus where it is collected; however, multi-campus initiatives are permitted with the approval of the appropriate fee board(s)
  • Student Fee revenue should supplement, and not replace, current University funding to programs and services
  • Student Fee revenue raised will support non-academic improvements to student life
  • The Student Fee will not be folded into general tuition funds
  • The Campus Allocation Committee will allocate funds collected at each campus
  • A Student Fee may only increase/decrease with the approval of the designated fee board
  • The use of this fee should be public knowledge and actively reported to students. Meetings and official business of the Student Fee Board shall be open to the student body