A-3. Obtaining Approval for Simultaneous [Concurrent] Degrees and Multiple Majors [With Sample Form]

A-3. Obtaining Approval for Simultaneous [Concurrent] Degrees and Multiple Majors [With Sample Form]


The administration of Senate Policies 60-00, 62-00, and related policies governing Simultaneous [Concurrent] and Multiple Majors [AAPPM Policy M-3] was changed by the Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education [ACUE] at its January 10, 2003 meeting. The policy change is available at the ACUE web page.

Capital College Policy

The following procedures will be used at Capital College.

Student’s Responsibilities

  1. The student must submit a request to the appropriate Program Coordinator[s] through the student’s faculty adviser.
  2. The student must await approval of the academic plan and the majors before enrolling in the second major.
  3. Students will schedule the appropriate classes in consultation with the faculty adviser and with the concurrence of the appropriate Program Coordinator[s] in accordance with the academic plan file with the Application for Approval of Concurrent Majors.

Faculty/School Director Responsibilities

  1. Faculty advisers and Program Coordinators should read the Senate Policies carefully to determine whether the student qualifies for the second degree and for the definitions/terms used to describe the concurrent major[s]. Faculty can find an example of these policies at the following web site.
  2. School Director or Designate should submit a fully completed form [Application for Approval for Concurrent Majors] with the appropriate signatures to the Senior Associate Dean.
  3. A “fully completed form” includes:
    1. the total number of credits required for each degree in the total credits summary on the lower right side of the form,
    2. a list of those courses the student needs to take to meet the requirements for each degree,
    3. the number of semesters required to complete the program, and,
    4. any other information useful for the Senior Associate Dean’s evaluation,
    5. copies of the degree audits for each of the majors the student wishes to pursue.
  4. The form(s) must be typed or word-processed. No handwritten forms will be considered by the Dean’s Office.
  5. If the School Director or Department Head adopts the practice suggested by the Senate policy, namely, gathering all the appropriate information for the Senior Associate Dean’s office, the faculty advisers and program coordinators must follow the guidelines established by the School Director.
  6. If changes are required in the Degree Audit, especially in the Electives categories, please indicate that such changes have been authorized by the Program Coordinator and the School Director.

Senior Associate Dean’s Responsibilities

  1. Per the instructions on the Application for Approval of Concurrent Majors, the Senior Associate Dean “will reproduce and distribute copies of the approved form as follows: one copy to each concurrent college Dean [School Director], one copy to the Registrar’s office, and one copy to the student.”

Policy Adopted: February 10, 2003

Revised: June 3, 2005

Revised: Academic Council April 8, 2009