F-8. Capital College Faculty Teaching at Other Penn State Locations

F-8. Capital College Faculty Teaching at Other Penn State Locations


To establish guidelines for Capital College faculty who are invited to teach occasionally at other Penn State or non-Penn State locations.

General Principle

Capital College faculty members are not "free agents" who can decide where they will teach. As long as they are paid from a Capital College budget, their first responsibility is to meet the needs of the campus. This principle is consistent with HR-80.


  1. A request to teach at another campus should be made to the School Director. This request may be denied if that creates problems with the School’s operations.  Any such request should be early enough to plan for effective scheduling.The non-Capital College campus should also arrange to support the faculty member's travel to and from the location of the teaching assignment. All of these practices are consistent with existing University policies.
  2. If the School Director denies such authorization, the faculty member may appeal the decision to the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. There must be compelling evidence and appropriate documentation for such appeals, which should only be made in consultation with the appropriate School Director and with due consideration for the academic needs of the campus.

Approved: Capital College Academic Leadership Council September 15, 2003

Approved: Dean of the College September 16, 2003

Revised: Academic Council April 8, 2009