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  • Position and formation control of VTOL-UAVs
  • Attitude control, estimation, and synchronization
  • Synchronization of Mechanical systems
  • Distribued consensus of multi-agent systems
  • Distributed estimation in sensor networks
  • Vision-based control of UAVs
  • Aerial manipulation
  • Teleoperation


  • A. Abdessameud and A. Tayebi. Motion Coordination for VTOL Unmanned Aerial vehicles. Attitude synchronization and formation control. Advances in Industrial Control series, Springer, London, 2013. ISBN 978-1-4471-5093-0.

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  • Real Time Applications for Advanced Control Strategies
  • Design of Mechatronics Systems for Industrial Processes
  • Computer Interfacing, Instrumentation, Programming and Data Acquisition
  • Multivariable Process Control
  • System Identifications and Nonlinear Modeling
  • Dubay, R., Abu-Ayyad, M., and Hernandez, J.M., A Nonlinear Regression Model-Based Predictive Control Algorithm. ISA Transactions (In press).
  • Abu-Ayyad, M., Dubay, R., and Hernandez, J.M., Application of Infinite Model Approach to other Advanced Control Schemes. ISA Transactions, (In press).
  • Abu-Ayyad, M., Chinta, L.V., and Dubay, R., Nonlinear Generalized Predictive Control Approach for Challenging SISO Processes. ASME Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems, Oxnard, CA (Sep 2009).
  • Abu-Ayyad, M., Dubay, R., and Hernandez, J.M., A Nonlinear Model-Based Predictive Controller for Injection Speed. ANTEC Conference, Chicago, IL (June 2009).
  • Abu-Ayyad, M., and Dubay, R., A New Tuning Strategy for Ill-Conditioned Nonlinear Multivariable Processes. CSME Symposium Conference, Ottawa, Canada (June 2008).
  • Abu-Ayyad, M., and Dubay, R., Advanced Control Schemes Using Multi-Model Approach for Nonlinear Processes. In Proceedings of the IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, Niagara Falls, Canada (May 2008).
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  • Hernandez, J.M., Abu-Ayyad, M., and Dubay, R., Cavity Pressure Control during Injection in an Injection Molding Machine. ANTEC Conference, Milwaukee, WI (May 2008).
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  • Abu-Ayyad, M., and Dubay, R., Development of an Extended Predictive Controller for a Speed Control System. Preprints of the IFAC Symposium on Power Plants and Power Systems Control, Kananaskis, Canada (June 2006).
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  • Abu-Ayyad, M., Dubay, R., and Kember, G., SISO Extended Predictive Control - Implementation and Robust Stability Analysis. ISA Transactions, Vol. 45, No. 3, pp. 373-391, 2006.
  • Haddad, O. M., Al-Nimr, M. A., and Abu-Ayyad, M.A., Numerical Simulations of Forced Convection Flow Past a Parabolic Cylinder Embedded in Porous Media. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Heat and Fluid Flow, Vol. 12, pp. 6-28, 2002.
  • Nonlinear Vibrations and Chaos
  • Machine Health Monitoring using Vibration and Acoustic Signals
  • Artificial Neural Network for Pattern Recognition
  • Rotor Dynamics and Bearing Design
  • Abu-Mahfouz, I., Gearbox Health Monitoring Experiment Using Vibration Signals. Journal of Engineering Technology (Spring 2007), pp. 26-31.
  • Abu-Mahfouz, I., and Adams, M. L., Numerical Study of Some Nonlinear Dynamics of a Rotor Supported on a Three-Pad Tilting Pad Journal Bearing (TPJB). ASME Transactions Journal of Vibration & Acoustics, Vol. 127, No. 3 (June 2005), pp. 262-272.
  • Abu-Mahfouz, I., A Comparative Study of Three Artificial Neural Networks for the Detection and Classification of Gear Faults. International Journal of General Systems, Vol. 34, No. 3 (June, 2005), pp. 261-277.
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  • Abu-Mahfouz, I., Drilling Wear Detection and Classification Using Vibration Signals and Artificial Neural Network, International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, Vol. 43 (2003), pp. 707-720.
  • Trautenback, U., and Abu-Mahfouz, I., Using Sound and Vibration Signals to Monitor Cell Wear on Anilox Rolls. Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation. Vol. 19, No. 4 (December 2003), pp. 187-198.
  • Computational and Statistical Modeling
  • Monte Carlo Methods in Simulation Modeling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Mobile Software Development
  • Operations Research
  • J. Brian Adams. Optimal partition of a capital disbursement: The case of long term tax planning. In Maling Ebramhipour, editor, Proceedings of the 1996 Northeast Decision Sciences Institute. April 17 - 19, 1996. St. Croix, V.I, pages 123–126, Kingston, 1996. Northeast Decision Sciences Institute, University of Rhode Island.
  • Joseph Brian Adams. Statistical Inference in Modeling Longitudinal Data With Feedforward Neural Networks. Ph.d. dissertation, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, 1997.
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  • J. Brian Adams, "Identi cation of Voting Machine Errors During the 2000 General Election in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania." [Online] Available (2001) 1–9.
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  • J. Brian Adams and Yijin Wert, "Logistic and Neural Network Models for Predicting Hospital Admissions," Journal of Applied Statistics, 32 (2005) 861–869.
  • Electro-optic System Design
  • Optical modulators & sensors
  • RF & Microwave Systems
  • Lightwave propagation in optical fibers
  • Direct electro-optic modulation of lightwaves in glass and plastic fibers
  • Fiber Optics
  • Communications Systems Design
  • Wireless Systems Design
  • Electro-optic System Design
  • Optical Sensors
  • Sedig S. Agili and T.K. Ishii, "Theory of Direct Modulation of Lightwaves in Optical Fibers." Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Vol. 18, No. 5, pp. 323-328, 8/5/1998.
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  • Sedig S. Agili, "An Electro-Optic Modulator Using Acrylic Plastics." M.S. Thesis, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, December 1989.
  • Optics and photonics
  • Carrier dynamics in semiconductor multiple quantum wells
  • Kenneth M. Beck, Alan G. Joly, Nicholas F. Dupuis, Peggy Perozzo, Wayne P. Hess, Peter V. Sushko, and Alexander L. Shluger, “Laser control of product electronic state: Desorption from alkali halides,”  Journal of Chemical Physics, 120, 5 (2004).
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  • Control systems
  • Signals and systems
  • Model order reductions
  • Computer architecture
  • Thermal Management
  • Medical device development
  • Multi-physics modeling
  • Magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermia for oncology applications
  • Thermal oncology
  • Artificial Organs
  • Biotransport
  • Attaluri A*., Seshadri M*., Wabler M., Mirpour S., Zhou H., Ivkov R., and Liapi E., 2016 “Image-guided thermal therapy with a dual-contrast magnetic nanoparticle formulation: A feasibility study”, Early-online, International Journal of Hyperthermia (equal contributions)
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  • Cooling Device for Carotid Arterial Cooling Using a Tissue Equivalent Gel Phantom," Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, 2(1), pp. 011007-011012.
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  • Nonlinear Design Optimization
  • Creativity in Product Design
  • Classification, Clustering and Data Mining
  • Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence
  • Structural Integrity Monitoring of Civil Infrastructure
  • Banerjee, A., Robust Fuzzy Clustering as a Multi-Objective Optimization Procedure. In Proceedings of the 28th North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society Annual Conference (NAFIPS 09), Cincinnati, OH (Jun 2009).
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  • Nanotechnology
  • Nanoelectronics and Safety of Nanotechnology Materials
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Neurosciences (Human brain mapping)
  • Modeling and Simulation of nanolectronic devices
  • Medical 3D Image Processing & Analysis
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Doctoral-Dissertation, Rheinisch‑Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, Germany, ISBN: 3-86111-320-1 (160 pages)


  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Ant Systems
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Graph Algorithms

Selected Publications

  • Bui, T. N., X. Deng, C. M. Zrncic, “An Improved Ant-Based Algorithm for the Degree-Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem,'' IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Volume 16, Issue 2, 2012, pp. 266-278.
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  • Superconductivity
  • Josephson Junctions
  • Magnesium Diboride
  • Low-Temperature Physics
  • Steven Carabello, Joseph G. Lambert, Jerome Mlack, Wenqing Dai, Qi Li, Ke Chen, Daniel Cunnane, X. X. Xi, and Roberto C. Ramos, "Microwave resonant activation in hybrid single-gap/two-gap Josephson tunnel junctions," Journal of Applied Physics 120, 123904, September 2016
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  • Innovative Bridge Technologies & Systems
  • Integrated Design and Construction
  • Software Development
  • Structural Stability and Reliability
  • High Performance Materials (Steel & Concrete)
  • Performance under Extreme Loading or Environmental Conditions
  • Smart Structures
  • Testing: Nondestructive; Wind Tunnel; Full/Large Scale.
  • Protective Technology and Structures
  • Composite Structures
  • Geo-environmental Engineering
  • Sustainable/Green engineering
  • Energy efficient materials
  • Cutting Edge Technology

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  • Optimized Properties of High-Performance Nano Perlite Insulation Material and Its Applications”.
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Book and Meeting Reviews

  • Gal, S. (1996) of book entitled Plant growth and development: A molecular approach, author D.E. Fosket, published in Quarterly Review of Biology 71: 412-­‐413.
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Education Publications on the Web

  • Gal, S. Klein, J.E.: “A right to her genes” (2000) peer reviewed case study for the University of Buffalo web site on case studies in Science. 
  • Morris, T.E. and Gal, S.: ”A recipe for invention: Scientist biographies” (2003) peer reviewed case study for the University of Buffalo web site on case studies in Science. 

External Grant Support

01/17/11 - 01/16/14
Sunshine Biopharma
Principle Investigator (PI)
“Development of Adva-­‐27a through phase I clinical trials for breast and prostate cancer”; ($58,000)
08/19/11 - 08/18/13
The Bella Fund
“Analysis of the functional status of the p53 tumor suppressor and correlation with response to treatment”; ($7500)
04/01/10 - 03/31/12
NIH R15 program
Co-­‐PI, Susan Bane (Dept of Chemistry) PI
“Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase: Target and Tool”; ($300,000) (Biology 50%)
03/01/10 - 10/15/10
Chemung-­‐Schulyer-­‐Steuben Workforce New York (CSSWFNY)
Co-­‐PI, Wayne Jones (Dept of Chemistry) PI
“Broome Tioga Go Green Institute Technical Proposal”; ($39,255)
09/01/08 - 08/31/10
UNYCHRQ and UNYTRN Pilot Research Collaboratives Program
PI, sub-­‐contract Gokul Das, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY
“Determining the effect of estrogen receptor on binding of tumor suppressor p53 to target gene promoters” ($59,957  Binghamton share $41,957)
01/01/10 - 06/01/10
NSF SBIR Phase I grant submitted through JEANSEE Corp.
“Covert Combinatorial DNA Taggants for Authentication, Tracking and Trace-­‐Back”; consultant on project activities
10/31/08 - 11/02/08
Funds to support a conference titled “Biomathematical computing conference: past, present and prospects”; SUNY Conversations in the Discipline ($5000) and US Army conference funds ($5612)
11/17/05 - 08/07/08
Air Force Research Laboratory
Subcontract through SUNY-­‐Geneseo, Anthony Macula PI
“A Two-­‐Dimensional DNA Matrix Based Biomolecular Computing and Memory Architecture” (subcontract $120,000)
05/01/08 - 10/31/08
New York State Department of Education
co-­‐PI; Wayne Jones PI
“Excelsior Scholars-­‐ Go Green Institute” ($71,537)
09/30/06 - 03/29/08
Federal appropriations grant from DOE sub-­‐contract through SUNY-­‐IT 
“New technologies to measure human cancer proteins (subcontract $60.000)
07/01/04 - 06/30/07
National Institutes of Health-­‐ R15 Program
“New developments for diagnostic assays of p53 DNA binding activity” ($225,500)
02/01/04 - 01/31/07
NSF –CNRS international program
Nadine Paris, French collaborator
“US-­‐France cooperative research: Biosensors of protease activity and endomembrane traffic in plants” ($20,659)
03/01/05 - 05/15/06
Air Force Research Laboratory
Subcontract through SUNY-­‐Geneseo, Anthony Macula PI
“Network analysis and knowledge discovery through DNA computing” (subcontract  $63,310)
01/01/06 - 06/30/06
Philips Research Laboratory
“Graduate student funding for molecular biology course” ($13,575) 
07/01/03 - 06/30/06
NSF-­‐ Major Research Instrumentation grant
Co-­‐PI, Dennis McGee, PI
“Acquisition of a Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope for Multidisciplinary Research and Training” ($288,346)
08/01/04 - 04/30/05
Army STIR program
Co-­‐PI, Tom Head, PI,
“Testing DNA methylation for DNA computing” ($38,515) 
10/01/05 - 12/30/05
Philips Research laboratory
“Molecular biology course expenses” ($3411)
11/15/01 - 12/14/03
US Department of Agriculture-­‐ Research Career Enhancement Award
“Substrates for in vivo analysis of plant proteases”  ($72,941)
12/01/01 - 02/28/02
Council for International Exchange of Scholars -­‐ Fulbright Scholars Program
“Expression of the cardoon aspartic proteinase in Arabidopsis” ($10,500)
07/01/95 - 06/30/01
NSF Career Program
“The role of protease activities in Arabidopsis thaliana plants ($449,770) 
09/01/97 - 04/30/01
NSF/ Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Co-­‐PI, Tom Head, PI,
“Prototyping Biomolecular Computations” ($150,000) 
05/01/99 - 11/30/00
Amersham Pharmacia Biotech
“Developing a p53 DNA binding SPA” ($17,000)
11/01/96 - 10/31/98
US Department of Agriculture-­‐ Plant Growth and Development
“The role of aspartic proteases in processing propeptides in plants” ($87,366) 
06/01/96 - 05/31/98
NSF-­‐ Instructional and Laboratory Improvement
“Bringing DNA sequencing technology to undergraduate laboratories” ($28,225)


  • Information Systems
  • Communication
  • Vehicle Systems Safety
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  • Gray, R. [Principal Investigator], Wireless Technology for Rail, Ben Franklin/General Electric Rail, Pennsylvania Transportation Institute/Center for Navigation, Communication, and Information Systems (PTI/CNCIS), 2003-2004.
  • Analysis of electrical power systems,
  • Power system control (adaptive, fuzzy, ANN)
  • Modeling of electric machine systems
  • Computer modeling and simulation of electric power systems
  • Digital learning games
  • Adaptive control of electrical machine systems
  • Engineering laboratory systems, Smart Grid Test-beds
  • Induction Motor signature analysis
  • Battery storage SOC/SOH
  • Idowu, P., Okoh, K., Huynh, C., Kang, K., Bonsall, S., (2014). “Development of a power systems protection laboratory through university-industry partnership,” International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education (IJEEE). V51. [In print].
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  • Traditional Methods and X-ray Micro-Computed-Tomography (μCT) for research on
    • Geo-environmental issues
    • Soil erosion
    • Sustainability of Infrastructure
  • Pedagogical research for enhancing civil engineering education

Research Projects

  • 2015-2016: EAGER: Role of Deicing Salts in Stormwater Filter Media Deterioration: X-ray Micro Computed Tomography (µCT), National Science Foundation, Environmental Engineering program, $99,548, Role: PI (sole)
  • 2015-2016: Investigating the Evolution of Soil Pore Structure Using Micro Computed Tomography (μCT), Penn State Harrisburg Research Council, $7,500, Role: PI (sole)
  • 2011-2012: Effects of Deicing Salts on Structure of Filter Media and Infiltration of Stormwater, Penn State Harrisburg Research Council, $7,500, Role: PI
  • 2008-2010: Evaluation of pollution levels due to the use of consumer fertilizers under Florida conditions, Florida Department of Transportation, $150,000, Role: Co-PI
  • 2003-2006: Expansive soils and dispersive soils, Central Soil & Materials Research Station, Government of India,  salary and other support, Role: Geotechnical Engineer
  • 2003-2006: Improvement of filter design criteria, Central Soil & Materials Research Station, Government of India, salary and other support, Role: Geotechnical Engineer
  • 2003-2004: Exploration of methods for preventing land subsidence associated with metro railway tunneling, American Society of Civil Engineers, $2,000, Role: PI (sole)
  • 2000-2003: Development of Soil Filter Design Nomograms Incorporating Physicochemical and Biological Mechanisms, National Science Foundation, $357,936, Role: Ph. D. student
  • 1996-2000: Improvement of filter design criteria, Central Soil & Materials Research Station, Government of India, salary and other support, Role: Geotechnical Engineer
  • 1995-1996: Stress-path dependent behavior of soils, Central Soil & Materials Research Station, Government of India, salary and other support, Role: Geotechnical Engineer

Journal Papers

  • Sai P. Kakuturu, and Shirley E. Clark (2015), "Effect of deicing salts on clogging of stormwater filter media and on media chemistry", ASCE Journal of Environmental Engg., published online in Feb.’15 (to print later), DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)EE.1943-7870.0000927.
  • Sai P. Kakuturu, and Shirley E. Clark (2015), "Clogging Mechanism of Stormwater Filter Media by NaCl as a Deicing Salt", Environmental Engineering Science, 32(2): 141-152.
  • Sai P. Kakuturu, Manoj B. Chopra, Mike Hardin, and Martin P. Wanielista (2013), “Total Nitrogen Losses from Fertilized Turfs on Simulated Highway Slopes in Florida”, ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering, 139(6): 829-837.
  • Sai P. Kakuturu, Manoj B. Chopra, Mike Hardin, and Martin P. Wanielista (2013), “Runoff Curve Numbers for Simulated Highway Slopes under Different Slope, Soil-Turf, and Rainfall Conditions”, ASCE Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 18 (3): 299-306.
  • Manoj B. Chopra, Sai P. Kakuturu, Craig Ballock, Josh Spence, and Martin P. Wanielista, (2010), “Determination of infiltration rates and the effect of rejuvenation methods for pervious concrete pavements”, ASCE Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 15(6): 426-433.
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  • Lakshmi N. Reddi, and Sai P. Kakuturu (2004), "Self-healing of concentrated leaks at core-filter interfaces in earth dams", ASTM Geotechnical Testing Journal, 27(1), pp. 89-98.

Conference Presentations

  • Sai Kakuturu and Shirley E. Clark (2012), “Deicing salts’ effects on engineered soils in stormwater management systems”. 85th Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC), New Orleans, LA.
  • Sai Kakuturu and Shirley E. Clark (2012), “Deicing salts’ effects on engineering bioretention soils”. Water Environment Federation Stormwater Symposium 2012, Baltimore, MD.
  • Sai Kakuturu and Shirley E. Clark (2012), "Impacts of deicing salts on soil structure and infiltration rate". World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2012: Crossing Boundaries, Proceedings of the 2012 Congress, p 411-414.
  • Sai P. Kakuturu, and Shirley E. Clark (2011), “Effects of deicing salts on the structure of and infiltration rate through bio-filtration soils”. Philadelphia Low Impact Development Symposium (Greening the Urban Environment), Philadelphia, September 25-28.
  • Samar Younes, Lakshmi Reddi, and Sai Kakuturu (2010), “Effects of earth dam cracks in the presence of alternative materials: A numerical approach,” ASCE-EWRI's India 2010 - An International Perspective on Current & Future State of Water Resources & the Environment, January 2010, Chennai, India.
  • Sai P. Kakuturu, Ming Xiao, and Lakshmi N. Reddi (2009), “Engineered waste materials as amendments to prevent erosion and to stabilize contaminated sites,” World Environmental & Water Resources Congress, Kansas City, Missouri, May 17-21, 2009.
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  • Venkatachalam, K., Chitra, R., Bera, D. N., and Sai P. Kakuturu (2000), “Dispersive Soils at New Ottu Barrage Project - A Case Study,” Indian Geotechnical Conference, pp. 415-416.
  • Venkatachalam, K., Chitra, R., Sai Prasad, K., and Ashok Kumar (2000), “Assessing the Suitability of Filter Materials,” Proceedings of the GEOFILTERS 2000 held at Warsaw, Poland, June 5-7, 2000, pp. 197-200.
  • Sai P. Kakuturu (1999), “Suitability of Filters and Drains in Ash Pond Dams,” Proceedings of the Fly Ash Disposal and Deposition: Beyond 2000 A.D., Indian Institute of Tech., Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, during Feb. 4-5, 1999, pp. 108-117.

Academic Honors

ExCEEd 2009 Fellowship, American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, Virginia ($2,075)
Trent Dames and William Moore Fellowship, 2002, ASCE, Reston, Virginia ($2,000)
Outstanding Ph.D. Graduate Award, 2001, Civil Engineering, Kansas State University, KS
Young Engineer Paper Award, 2001, Minnesota Geotechnical Society ($300 + travel cost)


ASCE Geo-Institute Technical Committee on Geotechnics of Soil ErosionASCE Geo-Institute Technical Committee on Embankments, Dams, and Slopes
American Society of Civil Engineers
Indian Institution of Engineers (India)
Indian Geotechnical Society, Delhi chapter
United States Universities Council on Geotechnical Education and Research

  • Power System Dynamics
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Microgrid Control/Modeling
  • Power Electronics

He was actively involved in different projects including:

  • microgrid operation
  • renewable energy integration
  • PMU data estimation

Collaborated with companies such as:

  • Duke Energy
  • Tesla
  • BuildingIQ
  • GreenSmith
  • EPRI
  • MISO
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