Anita Mareno, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences, School of Science, Engineering, and Technology
Olmsted Building, W255l

Dr. Anita Mareno graduated, summa cum laude in 1995, from Wellesley College, with a B.A. degree in mathematics and a minor in computer science. She was awarded a Ford Foundation Fellowship for graduate studies and obtained her Ph.D. degree in applied mathematics at the Center for Applied Mathematics in 2001, Cornell University, under the guidance of her advisor Prof. Timothy J. Healey (Dept. of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics). Shortly after graduating, Dr. Mareno was a VIGRE Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Cornell University where she had the opportunity to pursue her research interests in partial differential equations with some help and inspiration from those such as the late Lawrence Payne (Dept. of Mathematics). Dr. Mareno has been at Penn State Harrisburg since 2007. Some of her current and future plans at Penn State Harrisburg include developing and advising undergraduate research projects in mathematics and to conduct research knot theory and mechanics.

  • Nonlinear elasticity, plate equations
  • Dynamical systems and bifurcation theory
  • Partial differential equations: maximum principles, existence & uniqueness, global continuation
  • Calculus of variations

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Publication List: C. Bu, R. Shull, Anita Mareno. Numerical Simulation of Blow-Up of a 2D Generalized Ginzburg -Landau Equation, Applied Math Letters 9 (1996), pp. 13-17.

Ph.D., Applied Mathematics (Cornell)

M.S., Applied Mathematics (Cornell)

B.A., Mathematics (summa cum laude) (Wellesley College)

Algebra and Trigonometry
Introduction to Statistics (without calculus)
Calculus I, II, III
Ordinary Differential Equations
200 and 400 Level Linear Algebra
Problem Solving in Mathematics (A 200 level course in mathematics content for prospective elementary school teachers)
Discrete Mathematics//Foundations of Mathematics
400 Level Foundations of Geometry
400 Level Partial Differential Equations and Fourier Series
400 Level Calculus of Variations
400 Level Abstract Algebra
400 Level Dynamical Systems course