Internships: Science, Engineering, and Technology

The Early Internship Program (EIP) was implemented by SSET in order to complement the education and training received by students within the school. These internships are academic programs for which the students receive credit hours, but also allow the student to be employed in work situations that relate directly to their field of study. The EIP, coupled with company tours during the first year of study, provides students with an opportunity to experience a “real-world” work environment, and also provides prospective employers an opportunity to observe pre-professionals in a workplace setting.

Employers should refer to the first attachment below for general program information.

The remaining files are evaluation forms to be used by the student and the employer during the course of the internship.

Employer Guidelines [PDF]123.89 KB
Preliminary Evaluation - Employer [.doc]112 KB
Midpoint Evaluation - Employer [.doc]329.5 KB
Final Evaluation - Employer [.doc]598 KB
Preliminary Evaluation - Student [.doc]114.5 KB
Midpoint Evaluation - Student [.doc]114.5 KB
Final Evaluation - Student [.doc]137.5 KB