Y. Frank Chen, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor of Civil Engineering, School of Science, Engineering, and Technology
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Olmsted Building, W236

(Updated: July 1, 2019)

Dr. Chen is currently Tenured Professor of The Pennsylvania State University. He earned his B.S.C.E. degree from Cheng Kung University (Taiwan, 1979) and M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from The University of Minnesota (1985 & 1988 respectively), all in civil engineering. His primary research area is structures. Dr. Chen specializes in dynamic soil-structure interaction, computational methods, limit states design, seismic design and retrofitting, condition-based structural assessment, resistant design for dynamic loads, metal structures, bridge engineering (highway & railway), foundation engineering, vibrations, and composite structures. He has been the PI or Co-PI for a number of research projects funded by various organizations domestically and internationally. The total research expenditure has surpassed $6 million USD covering more than 33 completed research projects. His publication record includes 190 refereed papers (135 SCI + 55 EI), 2 ACI manuals (ACI341.2R-14 & ACI341.4R-16), 33 plus research reports, 1 book, 3 book chapters, and 1 patent. Dr. Chen’s research interests also include the following areas: full/large scale testing, innovative construction and energy efficient materials, smart/intelligent structures, protective technology and structures, sustainable engineering, geo-environmental engineering, and use of AI in civil engineering.

Dr. Chen received a number of awards including Outstanding Research Award from The Pennsylvania State University (twice), Research Fellow from National Sciences Council/Taiwan (multiple times), Daniel P. Jenny Research Award from Prestressed Concrete Institute (twice), Excellence in Transportation Design/Construction Awards from Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (three times), Outstanding Scholar Award from Central University (Taiwan),  Research Fellow from Japan Society for Promotion of Science (twice), Outstanding Alumni Award from Cheng Kung University (Taiwan), Distinguished International Expert under Shanxi Hundred Talents Program (China), and Distinguished Professor from Chang’An University, Central South University, Chongqing University, and Tsinghua University (all in China). He is also an Academic Peer of Kyushu University (Japan) and a member of Academic Council of Steel Research Center at Chongqing University (China).

Dr Chen’s teaching experience includes: Undergraduate courses- soil lab., structural analysis, Newtonian mechanics, mechanics of materials, structural steel design, and foundations; Graduate courses- design of metal structures, advanced foundation design, structural design for dynamic loads, earthquake resistant design and retrofitting of bridges (developed), bridge design by LRFD method (developed), and finite element analysis. He is also capable of teaching the following courses: mathematical methods in engineering, numerical analysis, vibrations, plastic design, soil dynamics, elasticity theory, structural reliability, and deep foundations. Dr. Chen has more than 60 graduate students completing the degree requirements under his direct supervision.

Dr. Chen has been actively involved with various technical committees/organizations, including ASCE Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering, ASCE Steel Bridge Committee, ACI Committee 442 (Response of Concrete Buildings to Lateral Forces), ACI Committee 341 (Earthquake Resistant Design of Reinforced Concrete Bridges), Association for Bridge Design & Construction, Advisory Board for the Center for Bridge Engineering Research at Central University (Taiwan), and International Association for Jointless Bridges. He is also an editor for Materials Testing (Germany) and Journal of Structural Integrity & Maintenance (UK). He has been frequently invited to give lectures, professional seminars, training courses, short courses, and workshops domestically and internationally. Dr. Chen has been actively doing collaborative research internationally and has hosted a number of visiting scholars.

Dr. Chen is a registered professional engineer, a certified bridge inspector, and an active technical consultant to various organizations in the USA and abroad on various projects. He has maintained close connections with the industry and engineering community for more than 30 years. He has also been asked to serve as an expert witness in several occasions.

Dr. Chen’s administrative experience includes: Director for Research Institute of Modern Bridge & Tunnel Technologies at Taiyuan University of Technology (China); Coordinator for the Graduate Programs for Engineering & Sciences at Penn State Harrisburg, Assistant Director for the Center for Bridge Engineering Research at Central University (Taiwan), and Associate Chair for the Civil Engineering Program at Penn State Harrisburg. He has served on a variety of campus committees at various levels of capacity with several of them acting as the chair.


Structural Analysis and Design; Resistant Design for Dynamic Loads (wind, earthquake & impact); Numerical Analysis and Computational Methods; Condition-Based Structural Assessment; Limit States Design; Bridge Engineering; Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction; Foundation Engineering; Innovative Structural Materials and Systems; Evaluation, Rehabilitation, Retrofitting and Hazard Mitigation for Civil Infrastructures; Vibrations; Composite Structures.


  • Outstanding Research Award, Penn State Harrisburg, USA, 1993 & 2017
  • Research Fellow, National Sciences Council, Taiwan, Summer 1993
  • Teaching Fellow, The Ministry of Education, Taiwan, Summer 1994
  • Daniel Jenny Research Award, Prestressed Concrete Institute, Chicago, USA, 1993 & 1995
  • Excellence in Transportation Design/Construction Award, PennDOT, USA, 1994, 1996 & 2004
  • Outstanding Scholar, Dept. of Civil Eng., Central University, Taiwan, 1997
  • Teaching Fellow, National Sciences Council, Taiwan, Sep. 2004-Jan. 2005
  • Research Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan, 2006 & 2016
  • Outstanding Alumni Award, Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, 2010
  • Distinguished International Expert, Shanxi Hundred Talents Program, China, 2013
  • Distinguished Professor, Central South University, China, 2013-Present
  • Distinguished Professor, Chang’An University, China, 2014-Present
  • Distinguished Professor, Chongqing University, China, 2015-Present
Research Interests

Seismic Area: Spatially Varying Ground Motion; Seismic Induced Earth Pressure; Energy

Dissipation Methods and Devices

Innovative Bridge Technologies and Systems

Integrated Design and Construction

Software Development

Structural Stability and Reliability

High Performance Materials (Steel & Concrete)

Performance under Extreme Loading or Environmental Conditions

Smart/Intelligent Structures

Testing: Nondestructive; Wind Tunnel; Full/Large Scale

Protective Technology and Structures

Composite Structures

Geo-environmental Engineering

Sustainable/Green engineering

Energy efficient materials

Use of AI in Civil Engineering



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B.S.C.E; M.S.; Ph.D. (Minnesota)