Web Policy

Web Policy

The Penn State Harrisburg website serves a dual function. It is a means of passing on information to students, faculty, and staff as well as a marketing tool encouraging prospective students and their families to consider choosing Penn State Harrisburg. The Office of Marketing and Communications is responsible for seeing that these purposes are met.

The College Web Manager oversees the creation and maintenance of the official Penn State Harrisburg web presence, including academic and non-academic websites, as well as official Social Media channels. If an office, division, or program should either need to have a webpage or application created, updated, or redesigned, the Web Manager or one of the school liaisons (collectively known as the Web Team) will work with a responsible representative to gather the requirements for the requested web solution. The Web Team will then either create the entire page or application in consultation with the representative or will review an already created web solution to ensure that it meets with acceptable design standards, includes required elements for a Penn State webpage, and is in compliance with all relevant University policies.

It is the responsibility of each office, division, or program to ensure that the information found on their official webpage is up-to-date and correct. The Web Team will update material when requested, but will not monitor its accuracy or currency.

Faculty and staff personal homepages are not the responsibility of the Web Team or the Office of Marketing and Communications.

If new information is to be added to a page, the information should be submitted via the Web Update Request Form. If an existing page has grammatical or spelling errors, the errant text can be submitted through this same form; alternatively, a printed copy of the page can be submitted to the Web Team with the appropriate changes marked legibly in ink.

All official Penn State Harrisburg webpages must adhere to the following rules:

  • All Web pages shall refer to the college as "Penn State Harrisburg."
  • All Web pages must include the Penn State Harrisburg mark in the upper left-hand corner.
    NOTE: for specific size and placement information about the Penn State mark, refer to University policy AD54. Note that the mark should be linked to the college's homepage, harrisburg.psu.edu, not to the university's homepage.
  • Additional header and footer regulations are outlined in University policy AD54. Note that these logomark and link requirements are automatically fulfilled by any page incorporated into the Penn State Harrisburg content management system (CMS) as hosted at harrisburg.psu.edu.
  • Official content, especially of a curricular nature (e.g. academic calendar, RAPs, program requirements for admission or completion) should not be maintained by any webpage or website outside of the official Penn State Harrisburg site, hosted at harrisburg.psu.edu.
  • All Web pages are subject to review by the Web Manager prior to being linked to the College's website.
  • The Web Manager reserves the right to remove a link or not link to a webpage that is not in compliance with any of the above policies.