Getting Started

Getting Started

The Office of Marketing and Communications needs sufficient time to create a publication, both from the writing and design perspective as well as printing. To request assistance with a publication, please fill out the on-line publication request form.


Remember, the more time available to work with you, the better the final product. Also remember that each publication must be put on a production schedule with the printer. While the Office of Marketing and Communications may be able to design your piece within a short time frame, the printer needs sufficient time to produce the piece. This may include ordering special paper or other special needs. So think ahead—printers usually need two weeks after the art has been approved to produce the final product.

Contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at least SIX WEEKS prior to the date that you will need your publication.

Be prepared to provide the Office of Marketing and Communications with the following:

  • Purpose of and audience for your publication
  • Manner of distribution of publication
  • Format of the printed publication
  • Number of copies needed
  • Time constraints
  • Budget number to be charged
  • Monetary budget for project

Preparing the Copy

The Office of Marketing and Communications is available to help you write your publications. Please provide the basic details and the staff will assemble them into the appropriate format. You will have an opportunity to review the written material and approve it before it is printed. Any changes must be made prior to signing off on the approval sheet.

If you write the copy

All copy must be submitted digitally and in a hard copy format. 

Staff will review the copy for general editing and in accordance with the University Style guide.

Disk Preparation

When preparing copy, don't try to duplicate how the final printed publication will look. Rather than using uppercase letters or bolding and underlining words to call attention to certain text, mark this information in red ink on the hard copy you provide with your digital file. Also, avoid using extra tabs, columns or extra spaces in preparing the copy. If you have a particular format in mind, bring a sample or mock design with you rather than doing any layout on the disk.

Revising an existing publication

If your project is an update of a previously published piece, you may be able to use the old piece to make your changes. During your initial meeting, staff can tell you if the publication is on file. If so, neatly write the new text above or on the side of the printed piece in red ink. If the publication is not on file, you may need to submit the text on disk.


Office of Marketing and Communications staff members will be responsible for the initial proofreading of any publication. Final approval, however, will be your responsibility. Be sure to not only spell check but read through the publication, as spell check does not pick up words that are spelled correctly but improperly used.

Accurate copy

One of the most important components of the publications process is the need for accurate and final copy. This is a crucial element of the design. Without final copy, Office of Marketing and Communications cannot guarantee cost and may not be able to meet the project deadline due to redesigns and printing changes.

Office of Marketing and Communications is AVAILABLE TO:

  • Prepare and edit your copy
  • Design your publication
  • Prepare and send out bids to printers
  • Manage your printing needs