Penn State Harrisburg: The Proper Name

Penn State Harrisburg: The Proper Name

To prospective students, parents, and Pennsylvania residents, the Penn State name and location of a campus will mean more than an administrative/academic designation such as "college." Campus names should always be used for location-specific references.

Capital College is not a Penn State location name. It refers to an administrative/academic entity and should be used only in that context and only as necessary to clarify the academic standing of the location.

When you refer to Penn State Harrisburg, use the full name on first mention and the partial name indicated on subsequent mention. Do not use the abbreviation PSH.

  • First mention: Penn State Harrisburg
  • Subsequent mentions: Harrisburg campus

College or campus?

Penn State Harrisburg, The Capital College may be used when appropriate if clarification is needed, but only in rare cases.

  • Correct: Jennifer was a first-year student at Penn State Harrisburg.
  • Incorrect: Jennifer was a first-year student at Capital College.

We are:

  • Penn State Harrisburg
  • Harrisburg campus (subsequent reference) or
  • the college (subsequent reference) - NOTE: "college" is lower-case

We are not:

  • The Capital College
  • PSU Harrisburg
  • Penn State-Harrisburg
  • PS Harrisburg
  • PSH
  • Harrisburg Campus
  • the Campus (Use no capitalization)