Intercollegiate Athletics

Intercollegiate Athletics

Intercollegiate Athletics Logo

The intercollegiate athletics logo is composed of the athletics symbol—a stylized rendition of the Nittany Lion head in an oval frame—and athletics logotype, "PENNSTATE."

The intercollegiate athletics logo has four different configurations as set forth in the Penn State Licensing Manual. In addition, there are instances when the athletics symbol may be used alone without the logotype.


Lion Statue

When creating publications for intercollegiate athletics, the Nittany Lion statue may also be used.

Reproduction work art is available for two views of the Nittany Lion statue—a full-body side view, and a front view of the head. Any new or recreated renditions of the Nittany Lion statue are impermissible without prior authorization.

Lion Paw

Publications for intercollegiate athletics may also use approved renderings of the lion paw. Paws with four toes are recommended.

Team Names

All Penn State Harrisburg teams shall be referred to as the "Penn State Harrisburg Lions." In cases where all team members are female, the team may be referred to as the "Penn State Harrisburg Lady Lions."

Penn State Harrisburg teams shall not be referred to as the "Nittany Lions.”


The intercollegiate athletics colors are navy blue (PMS 287) and white. Lighter shades of blue, as well as silver and gray, may be used as trim.