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Teacher Education

Teacher Education


The mission of the Penn State Harrisburg Teacher Education Programs is to facilitate the development of professional educators who transform lives and communities through inspired and innovative teaching, learning, and scholarship while promoting equitable opportunities for all learners.


The Teacher Education Programs are dedicated to cultivating a shared responsibility for the social and educational experiences of all learners. We aim to fulfill this vision by:

  • Advancing a view of education and society that embraces equity, democracy, and social justice;
  • Promoting a global perspective of education;
  • Fostering critical, creative, and reflective thinking;
  • Pursuing high standards of scholarly activities;
  • Grounding curriculum in national and state-level standards and competencies;
  • Extending one’s knowledge of content and pedagogical competencies;
  • Partnering with schools to provide meaningful clinical experiences;
  • Cultivating an understanding and valuing of diverse cultures and perspectives;
  • Inspiring culturally responsive pedagogy and inclusive practices;
  • Modeling and promoting effective use of technologies;
  • Instilling a proactive commitment to professional growth and leadership;
  • Encouraging commitment to community and family involvement.