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Capital Area Writing Project

Capital Area Writing Project

“Teachers Teaching Teachers”

Capital Area Writing Project (CAWP), sponsored by Penn State Harrisburg’s School of Behavioral Sciences and Education, is the only National Writing Project (NWP) affiliate in our seven county region. With over 30 years as an NWP affiliate through Penn State Harrisburg, CAWP’s home among Teacher Education and Literacy Education programs benefits educators serving students at all levels.


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The mission of CAWP is to establish communities of teacher writers of all disciplines and all levels. We commit to practicing and teaching writing as well as nurturing professional growth, ultimately creating communities of student writers. CAWP takes a leadership role in the teaching of writing among school communities by strengthening and supporting literacy across the curriculum.

Teachers’ efforts focus on using research-based literacy strategies to build students’ independence, voice, and reading and writing skills.

Nineteen comparative studies conducted in eight states over the past decade demonstrate NWP’s positive impact on student writing achievement in elementary, middle and high schools and in urban, rural and suburban communities (NWP, 2013). Nationally, with 100,000 participating educators, NWP reaches 1.4 million students in 3,000 school districts and trains 3,000 teacher-leaders through intensive programs each year.