Student Facilities Fund

Student Facilities Fund

The Student Facilities Fund (SFF) is a fund that every registered student at Penn State Harrisburg pays into as part of the Student Fee collected with tuition. The purpose of the SFF is to provide students with the funds to enhance or improve the Penn State Harrisburg infrastructure.

To view some of the projects the SFF has funded, please visit the SFF Funded Projects album on Flickr.


Per the 2017 Student Fee Board Handbook, Section 2.2: Facilities funding enhances student out-of-class experience by supporting both large-scale and small-scale infrastructure projects primarily intended for student use or benefit. Large-scale projects include facility development through building and/or renovating University facilities intended for student out-of-class use. Small-scale projects can include, but are not limited to, student requested enhancement/increase of existing resources, support of facilities for recognized student organizations, campus beautification and memorial projects, and the purchase of equipment designed for a student facility.

Guiding Principles of the SFF

  • Monies generated from the facilities fee will be used to accommodate improvements and expansions to non-academic, recreational and/or multi-use space for students. 
  • The facilities fee will not be used to support on-going operational costs associated with any project.
  • The facilities fee will not be used to pay debt service.
  • The facilities fee will not be used to pay for rental agreements.
  • Monies raised from the facilities fee at a particular location will be used at that location.
  • Monies not spent in a particular year will be carried forward from year to year until enough funds are generated to complete an approved project. Interest will be credited (using the University’s short term rate) on an annual basis to any unused funds.
  • New facilities or modifications to current facilities will be consistent with the campus’ strategic and master physical facilities plans.
  • In addition to these guiding principles, use of the fees must follow the operating procedures for the Commonwealth Campuses.

Student Initiated Fee and Student Facility Fund Proposal Process

  1. Visit Website to View Committee Review Dates

    • The SFF Allocation Committee reviews proposals four times per semester

  2. Review Facility Fund Guidelines

    • Review guidelines for information on what the SFF will and will not fund before planning a project

  3. Plan Your Project Thoroughly

    • Be descriptive when applying for funding

  4. Procure Quotes 

    • It is essential to gather legitimate quotes for materials, labor, and other project costs

  5. Completion of Proposal Form on OrgSync

    • Submit proposal on OrgSync under “Forms” tab

    • Check website to learn when your proposal will be reviewed

  6. Watch for Funding Replies

    • Check your PSU email frequently after the listed committee meeting date

  7. If the Proposal is approved, sign and return the allocation email

  8. Schedule a meeting with the Student Fee Office

  9. Provide required follow-up materials within one week of the close of the event

When and How to Submit a Proposal

The SFF Proposal Form can be found on the SFF OrgSync portal under "Forms". (You should be logged into OrgSync and a member of SFF Portal; if not a member, go to My Memberships > All Memberships > Browse Other Organization > Search Student Facilities Fund > Open SFF and click Join Now)

Proposal forms are always open. The applicant(s) will be notified upon the submission of the proposal that it has been received.

Allocation Meetings

An allocation meeting will be held twice a semester. 

Notification of Committee Decision

After the Student Facilities Fund Committee meeting, the Office of Student Initiated Fee will notify applicants with approved proposals. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee funding.

Timing of Proposals

SFF proposals for Penn State Harrisburg are always open. However, proposals submitted after the 5pm cut off, on the Friday before the SFF Committee Meeting will be reviewed in the next Allocation Committee Meeting. Below is the schedule for SFF rounds.

2017/2018 SAF Proposal Schedule
Round Proposal Cutoff (5pm) Allocation Committee Meeting
A 9/22 9/29
B 11/10 11/17
C 02/02 02/09
D 04/13 04/20

Additional Sources of Funding

A campus should make every effort to explore additional sources of financial support for any proposed capital expansion project to assist in minimizing fees charged to students.

Please use the Student Facilities Fee Fund Application Form on OrgSync to submit a proposal.

For more information, please review the Penn State Student Facilities Fund Guiding Principles For Commonwealth Campuses.

Student Facilities Fund Committee Authority and Membership


5.2.2 The Commonwealth Facilities Allocation Committee is granted the authority by the Student Fee Board to allocate Student Fee Funds for all request related to student facilities at each Commonwealth Campus. This includes, but is not limited to, large- and small- scale facilities projects both independent of and in collaboration with the University administration and/or intercollegiate athletics with the approval of the Board of Trustees, when required (Student Fee Board Handbook, 2017).


  • SGA President (co-chair)
  • Director of Student Affairs or Designee (co-chair)*
  • 8 Student Appointees
  • 1 Staff Member**
  • 1 Faculty Member**

*non-voting, unless as a tie-breaker
**non-voting member