Student Activity Fund

Student Activity Fund

The Student Activity Fund (SAF) is a fund that every registered student at Penn State Harrisburg pays into as part of the Student Fee collected with tuition. The purpose of the SAF is to provide students with the funds to enhance their co-curricular campus experience while here at Penn State Harrisburg. The Student Fee Board Handbook identifies these key components of the SAF:

2.1. Activities funding enhances the student out-of-class experiences including programming, travel, equipment, and media publication. The primary use for activities funds is to enhance the campus climate through student-initiated programming, activities, and experiences. Student activities educate, entertain, and/or engage students outside of academic requirements.

To view photos of some of the SAF-funded projects, please visit the SAF Projects album on Flickr. 

SAF Funding Requests

Requests for funding are made by submitting proposals, which are reviewed and voted upon by the SAF Allocation Committee. The SAF Allocation Committee is responsible for reviewing and voting on proposals, recommending or requiring stipulations of the applicant(s), and allocating activity fund monies consistent with the purposes of the fee.

Student Activity Fund Proposal Process

  1. Visit Website to View Open Round Dates
    • The event or trip date must be at least 21 business days after the Allocation Meeting.
  2. Review Handbook and Tip Sheets
    • Review of Handbook is required
    • Tip Sheets give insight on best practices for successful proposals
  3. Plan your event or trip thoroughly
    • Be descriptive when applying for funding
  4. Gather your quotes
    • It is essential to gather legitimate quotes. Review ‘Tips for a Successful Proposal’ to view the guidelines for quotes.
  5. Completion of Proposal Form on OrgSync
    • Submit proposal during open rounds on OrgSync under “Form” Tab
  6. Watch for Funding Replies
    • Check your PSU email frequently after the listed committee meeting date
  7. If the Proposal is approved, sign and return the allocation email
  8. Schedule a meeting with the SAF Office
  9. Provide required follow-up materials within one week of the close of the event

When and how to submit a proposal

The SAF proposal Form can be found on the SAF OrgSync portal under "Forms". (You should be logged in on OrgSync and a member of SAF Portal; if not a member, go to My Memberships > All Memberships > Browse Other Organization > Search Student Activity Fee > Open SAF and click Join Now)

Proposal forms will open at 8am on the Round Open Dates and close at 5pm on the Proposal Close Dates for each respective round. After submitting a proposal, an automated email will be generated to notify the applicant(s) that the proposal has been received. 

Allocation Meetings

Allocation meetings will be held a week after the proposal rounds end. No rounds occur in September and January due to the proximity to the Fall and Spring semester start dates, and there are no rounds in Summer.

Notification of Committee Decision

After the SAF Allocation Committee meeting, a notification will be emailed detailing the committee’s decision and any next steps or stipulations of the decision. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee funding.

Timing of Proposals

The SAF Allocation Committee at Penn State Harrisburg requires that all proposals have an event date at least 21 business days from the allocation meeting dates listed below. Events planned for fewer than 21 business days before the allocation meeting dates will not be considered for funding

2017/2018 SAF Proposal Schedule
  Round Opens Proposals Close Allocation Meeting Event After This Date
B 9/1 9/8 9/15 10/16
C 9/29 10/6 10/13 11/13
D* 10/27 11/3 11/10 1/8
E 1/19 1/26 2/2 3/5
F 2/16 2/23 3/2 4/2
A** 3/30 4/6 4/13 8/20/18

* ONLY Spring semester event/trip requests will be accepted starting this round.
** ONLY Fall semester event/trip requests will be accepted.

For more information, please review the SAF Handbook or the "Tips for Submitting a Successful Proposal.

Student Activity Fund Allocation Committee Authority and Membership


5.2.1 Campus Allocation Committees are granted the authority by the SFB (Student Fee Board) to allocate Student Fee Funds for all requests related to student activities, recreation, and services (with the exception of those established by the Commonwealth Fee Board) at each of the Commonwealth campuses. The activities portion of the fee includes, but is not limited to, student organization recognized by the University, college, or department, affiliate organizations, and University units. Activities allocations will be pursuant to the campus allocation handbook and local/federal/state law (Student Fee Board Handbook, 2017).


  • SGA President (co-chair)
  • Director of Student Affairs or Designee (co-chair)*
  • 8 Student Appointees
  • 1 Staff Member**
  • 1 Faculty Member**

*non-voting, unless as a tie-breaker
**non-voting member

Visit OrgSync for a list of the current SAF Committee members.