Why Your Support Matters

Why Your Support Matters

Philanthropy continues to be a driving force behind Penn State Harrisburg’s growth and success. Private support has enabled the college to expand access to a world-class education through scholarships, develop innovative academic programming, build state-of-the art learning and research facilities, enhance honors education, immerse students in international study tours, and create a vibrant campus environment that reinforces and complements the classroom experience. 

The Impact of Your Giving

Whether it’s your first time giving to an existing general scholarship fund, a contribution to a capital project, or routine annual support of a particular academic school or program, your generosity has an immediate impact on Penn State Harrisburg's faculty and students.  Your annual support enables Penn State Harrisburg to address the most pressing institutional needs, and be responsive to educational demands.


The Impact of Endowment

Endowments serve as the building blocks for permanent, sustained, long-term growth at Penn State Harrisburg.  When donors choose to contribute to an existing endowment, or establish their own specialized fund, they are making an important investment in the future of the college.  Endowed funds are carefully invested and earn interest, effectively increasing the impact of the fund over time.  Each year, a percentage of the market value of the endowed fund is allocated according to the design and purpose provided by the donor(s)

Penn State offers a variety of endowment options to align with donors' philanthropic goals.  Examples include funds for research, academic programs, and faculty positions in addition to scholarships.  

Using a collaborative approach, we are pleased to work with donors to design a customized endowment that incorporates donor priorities and provides strategic support to the area of greatest importance to them.

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