Student Emergency Assistance Fund (SEAF)

Student Emergency Assistance Fund (SEAF)

Since 1966, Penn State Harrisburg has been a place that changes lives. Today, nearly 5,000 Students from 36 states and 45 countries around the world come to the college in order to pursue their academic ambitions, advance their career aspirations, and create a bright future for themselves and their families. We have expanded to become the largest Commonwealth Campus and one of the Capital Region’s most vital educational resources. One thing tQhat hasn't changed though, is our commitment to providing students with life-changing educational opportunities regardless of their economic background.

However, rising costs and declining state support threaten our ability to fulfill that commitment, and many promising students struggle to afford the opportunities we offer. Many driven and hard-working students suffer from significant financial hardship as they pursue their academic, and professional goals. Students from all backgrounds and cultures face the same problem of how to finance their education while also being attentive to their studies and personal obligations.

Today at Penn State Harrisburg...

  • 4,231 students qualify for aid
  • 79% of enrolled students receive aid from grants and loans
  • $10,621 is the average unmet need per student
  • $25,096,715 is the total unmet need per year
  • 483 students received scholarships
  • $38,778 is the average loan debt for graduating students with loans

The Solution

With your gift, you can help make sure that no one falls through the cracks. Sometimes, great students run out of options. They have exhausted all financial aid options, do not meet qualifications for grants or scholarships, yet they still need a bit of additional funding to pursue their education while also maintaining an adequate standard of living. Too often, students put their mental, physical and overall well-being at risk in order to pursue their degree.

Many students work multiple jobs while carrying a full course load, yet they are graduating with an average educational debt of nearly $35,500. A third of our undergraduates are the first generation in their family to attend college, and more than a quarter are adult learners, often juggling heavy course loads and full-time employment. Eighty percent of our students receive some kind of student aid (including scholarships and loans), but the total annual unmet student need - need remaining beyond all forms of student aid and family support - is still more than $23 million. Even when students manage to cover primary costs like tuition, fees, and textbooks, they frequently lack enough time or money to sufficiently care for themselves and their families. Too often, this amount is as little as $100. That's why private philanthropy is so important. Gifts from caring, committed donors can make a world of difference for our students.

Please join us in support of Penn State Harrisburg students as they work towards their ultimate goal.

Don’t forget…

Check with your employer to see if they match charitable giving. Your support of our campaign is a tax-deductible gift. Go here to see if your company matches contributions. Then, let our team know the match ratio and your donation amount after you have completed your donation, and we will update your gift and our campaign total.

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