Honors Option Form


  • Freshmen or sophomore students must submit the Honors Option Pre-approval Form and receive confirmation of pre-approval from the Assistant Director before completing this form.
  • All students must read the Honors Option Guide for details and instructions on completing this form. In particular, you must confirm your instructor’s eligibility and consult with your instructor in advance to develop the information needed below.
  • Schreyer Scholars must request an Honors Option using the Schreyer SRS instead of this form.


If you are a Schreyer Scholar DO NOT use this form. Go to https://www.shc.psu.edu/srs/

Student & Course Information
Be sure to complete EVERY item.
(e.g., 912345678)
(e.g., EDPSY 014.001)
Project Details
Reminder: Honors work promotes deeper thought and unique interaction with the content
(a) When meetings/deadlines might occur in the semester, (b) a brief statement as to what the expected outcomes of each meeting: * NOTE: Be precise. [See Honors Option Guide for Sample]
Application Agreement
I understand that the activation of this honors option is subject to the approval of my instructor and the Honors Assistant Director. I understand that once activated, this honors option constitutes a permanent modification of my course registration and I am accountable to fulfill the honors option expectations so long as I am enrolled in this course. Only my instructor can request removal of an honors option, subject to the deadlines and process described in the Honors Option Guide.