Honors Program

Honors Program

Honors program students

Penn State Harrisburg offers two honors programs for students who are highly motivated to achieve academic excellence and want more out of their college education. The two programs are the Capital College Honors Program and the University’s Schreyer Honors College. Both programs provide students with special honors courses in a wide variety of disciplines, supervised research opportunities, and support for international travel and study abroad. The Honors Programs aim to build a learning community that provides unique learning experience for motivated students.

Mission of the Honors Programs

The Honors Programs at Penn State Harrisburg are a learning community of students who have demonstrated a commitment to learning and distinguished themselves through high academic achievement in various academic programs. The Honors community, in partnership with faculty, staff and other stakeholders, seeks to:

  • Explore sources of knowledge beyond the standard curriculum while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in all academic endeavors.
  • Develop both interdisciplinary and global awareness, leading to the ability to understand and collaborate with individuals having different intellectual and cultural perspectives.
  • Actively engage with diverse college and local communities in the discovery and application of knowledge to benefit these communities.
  • Conduct all activities with the highest standards of personal integrity.

Vision Statement

Graduates of the Penn State Harrisburg Honors Programs will become:

  • Dedicated life-long learners who have developed a love for acquiring new knowledge.
  • Engaged citizens who take a leadership role in the affairs of their community.
  • Creative problem-solvers who apply their knowledge to the betterment of society
  • Individuals who adhere to the highest standards of ethics and conduct themselves with integrity in all aspects of their lives.