Special Event Police Coverage

Special Event Police Coverage

Many factors are taken into consideration when determining whether a campus event requires Police and Public Safety coverage.  Examples of some factors include but are not limited to: significate anticipated number in attendance; location; past history of a particular event; date and hours of the event; other special events being held at same time of the event in question; and any controversy surrounding the event.

Although University Police and Public Safety cannot create a definite list of special events that require an officer be present, below is a list of events held in the past that have required assigned police coverage.

  • 5K runs and events with large numbers of people crossing campus roadways
  • Controversial guest speakers
  • Car shows or any event requiring the closure of roads or parking lots
  • Large sporting events
  • Concerts and after hour dances
  • Events where large sums of money is collected
  • Events with a specific request for police coverage

As a rule of thumb, when hosting events that meet any of the criteria listed above, please be sure to note this on the event request form and the local Police and Public Safety Station Commander will review the request and make the decision of appropriate coverage.

Please be advised that if your event falls under the above listed criteria, and it has been determined by the Station Commander of the local Police and Public Safety Department that an officer is required to be present for the event, there may be a cost associated for that officer presence.

If you are unsure if your event requires a police officer to be present, University Police and Public Safety would be happy to schedule an appointment with you to go over the proposed event. To do so, please call University Police at 717-948-6232.