High-quality internship opportunities are available for students enrolled in the School of Public Affairs at Penn State Harrisburg. The proximity to the state capital as well as the central Pennsylvania region has provided previous internship opportunities with the governor’s office, state legislature, state executive agencies, and other organizations related to student interests in Public Policy, Public Administration, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, or Health Administration. Students have also ventured back to their local communities, Washington D.C., and across the globe for internship opportunities. Students are eligible to earn academic credits for their internship experiences. The program is flexible and the opportunities are extensive.

Internship experiences equip students with skills and self-confidence at the entry point to their career. The internship experience offers realistic exposure to the working environment, management systems, and internal operations in their field of study. Students also have networking opportunities within their internship to build a professional network to help students upon graduation for employment or references for further studies.

The faculty in the School of Public Affairs have extensive contacts in the Harrisburg region and beyond to facilitate potential interviews and internship placements. Please see the School of Public Affairs Internship Coordinator, Mrs. Alison Shuler ( for more information on current opportunities. The School of Public Affairs Internship Handbook is also available below for additional information.

For those enrolled in an internship for academic credit over the summer, additional opportunities are available through the Harrisburg Semester. The Harrisburg Semester Speaker Series brings students into contact with high profile Pennsylvania and national leaders in the areas of Criminal Justice, Public Administration, Public Policy, Health Administration, and Politics. Students also attend several of the events throughout the Harrisburg Semester Summer Session.

For information on the School of Public Affairs internships, please contact 
Mrs. Alison Shuler, or 717-948-6388.