Majors & Classes

Majors & Classes

Pre-Registration Activity Guide

You won't be able to schedule your classes until you complete your Pre-Registration Activity Guide, which includes verification of emergency contact information, and the Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA). The FRA is a promise to take financial responsibility for payment of your student account. A Financial Responsibility hold will remain on your account until you have completed the Pre-Registration Activity Guide.

The Pre-Registration Activity Guide can be found in the To Do List in LionPATH.

Recommended Academic Plans

Recommended Academic Plans (RAPs) are eight-semester guides you can use to meet degree requirements. All colleges maintain RAPs for their majors.

  • If you plan to graduate from University Park, select the appropriate University Park College. When on the college's page, select the RAP for Commonwealth Campuses (if available).
  • If you plan to graduate from Harrisburg, select Harrisburg under Commonwealth Campus Colleges.
  • If you plan to graduate from another Penn State campus, select the appropriate campus.

You should read the RAP for any major(s) you’re considering prior to your NSO.

Not sure about your major?

That’s OK! Explore your options using MajorQuest. Think about your areas of interest and strength and come to NSO with some majors you discovered.