Program Proposals

Program Proposals

Undergraduate program proposals are submitted electronically through the Course Review and Consultation System (CRCS). To submit a graduate program proposal, see the Graduate Program Proposal Procedures to learn how.

Undergraduate Program Proposal Development

  1. Discuss the program proposal with your program chairs, program coordinators, school director, and relevant faculty members. A curricular program prospectus must always precede development and submission of an undergraduate program proposal. The Senior Associate Dean will submit the prospectus (via the submissions forms below) at least one week prior to the ACUE meeting for ACUE review (the first Thursday of every month). The prospectus information needed for your proposal can be found at the links below, based on the type of proposal you are submitting.
  2. While Step #1 above is in process, the faculty member should use the CRCS system to submit the program proposal. See the Quick Start Guide and various references listed on this web page. As mentioned, for new majors, options, minors, and IUGs, as well as program changes or phase-outs, the appropriate ACUE curricular program prospectus form must be filled out.

    Create the program proposal in CRCS. See the knowledge base for information on program proposals, including major and minor forms. The link for Undergraduate Major Add Form, for example, contains instructions on how to begin the proposal process and required forms, as well as explanations of various policies and instructions on consultation. Some helpful hints:
    • Practice on the training site before entering an actual proposal.
    • Utilize the “print preview” command frequently to see what the final proposal actually looks like.
  3. Once the program information has been entered, the Consultation Request screen will appear. This is the point at which you select those who will review the proposal. Be sure to include PSH Academic Affairs Committee members, who should be prepopulated on the consultation screen. Once you have added your consultation information, simply those that you want to review the proposal and click “Submit Request For Consultation.” By default, the proposal is sent to everyone in the selected group.  At this point, the prospectus from Step 1 should be completed and included; Stephanie Ponnett will upload the file for you. The program proposal cannot progress past this point without the prospectus. 

The “Send to Your College Proposal Administrator” (Omid Ansary) button is only available once everyone in the consultation group has responded and your proposal has been approved by the Academic Affairs Committee. Once the approval process has begun, you will not be able to edit your proposal.

To see more information on who should be consulted on program proposals, see the Curricular Consultation Statement.

Penn State Harrisburg Course Approval Process Timeline (Time Frame: Roughly 3-6 months)

Course Approval Process Timeline

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