Advising and Study Abroad

Advising and Study Abroad


Study Abroad, sometimes called Education Abroad, is the opportunity to complete credits towards a Penn State degree in another country through an approved Penn State program. The following are the most common advising-related questions about Study Abroad.

Who can study abroad?

All Penn State students are allowed to apply for Study Abroad programs. 

Am I guaranteed approval to study abroad?

All students must go through an application process. Factors such as GPA and pre-requisites will be considered. Approval is not guaranteed.

Will the courses I complete fulfill requirements for my Penn State major?

Students earn credit for all of the courses they complete. The student will work with their academic adviser to make sure the program they select is appropriate for their major.

How long does it last?

You can choose from the following: academic year long programs, fall or spring programs, summer programs, and study tours.

How much does it cost?

Penn State tuition is charged for each program. Students are required to pay additional fee's such as housing, meals, and insurance. Students can use their financial aid, and scholarships are available.

Does Study Abroad include Semester at Sea?

Semester at Sea programs are not approved by Penn State. Credits earned through a Semester at Sea program are treated as transfer credits from another institution.

Will my grades count towards my GPA?

Yes, grades you earn while abroad will be included in your Penn State GPA.

Why should I go?

Study Abroad provides students with an opportunity to experience education unlike their own, live in a new country, immerse themselves in the culture and customs of another country, meet new people, and earn credit towards their college degree! 

Where Do I Begin?

Visit the International Programs Office to learn more about the opportunities available to all students.