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International Programs

International Programs

Study Tour to Germany

Germany is a dynamic force in the area of engineering in the heart of the European Union. Sustainability 200 will explore the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of industrial enterprises in Germany. Read more>>

Study Tour to Cuba

Cuba is a Caribbean island with a rich and complex history, which has blended indigenous roots, Spanish colonialism, revolution, and social change into the human expressions of art, architecture, music and literature. This three-credit study abroad class will focus on the exploration and discovery of the unique facets of Cuban culture. Read more>>

Study Tour to London

The objective of this course is to provide finance students with exposure to the international capital markets, particularly in the U.K. Modern financial markets are complex and global, and due to their rapid integration, it is essential for finance students to have exposure to them. While in London, students will become familiar with the U.K. banking system and financial and derivatives markets. Read more>>

Study Tour to Paris

This course provides a brief overview of the history, art, architecture, religion, and culture of Paris, from its earliest days until the present time. Combining in-classroom lectures, onsite visits, and student research, the goal of the course is to provide the student with a basic understanding of the City of Light, including its history, its art, and its architecture. Read more>>