Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology

The Bachelor of Science graduate with a major in Electrical Engineering Technology (E E T) is an engineering technologist who can bridge the gap between scientific advancement and practical electrical devices and systems. Research in all fields of electrical engineering has produced an abundance of new knowledge in recent years. Many of these advanced scientific achievements have been unused due to the shortage of engineering technologists specifically educated to convert scientific information into practical devices and systems.

The E E T major aims to equip students with the various skills necessary to adapt new scientific knowledge to new products. Technical selections are offered in the senior year to provide some degree of specialization, but all graduates receive a well-rounded basic education in electrical and electronic design principles. The strengths of the program include: an applied, hands-on program; extensive laboratory experience; and promising job placement.

Areas of Concentration

  • Computer Engineering Technology
  • Control and robotic systems design
  • Electronic circuit design
  • Communication systems design
  • Power systems design 

Accreditation and Licensure

This program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Graduates are encouraged to continue their professional development by taking the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination at the end of their senior year; the FE exam is a prerequisite for taking the Professional Engineering Examination.

Study Abroad

Students have the opportunity to study in Madrid, Spain, or Darmstadt, Germany, with all of their grades from abroad counting toward their Penn State cumulative GPA. See the Study Abroad program details for complete information.


Prerequisite Flowcharts (program planning tools)