Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports


Sports Offered

IM sports offered regularly include flag football, kickball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, bowling, softball, table tennis, badminton,  and basketball.

Intramural Sports Eligibility, Rules and Regulations

Only members of the Penn State Harrisburg campus are eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports program. The following information describes the categories of individuals that constitute eligible participants:

Students: All currently registered (semester bill paid) Penn State Harrisburg students, full or part-time undergraduate or graduate students.

Faculty/Staff: All current Penn State Harrisburg faculty and staff.

General Rules and Regulations

  • The programs and activities developed by the Intramural Sports Office are for the general use and benefit of the college community and are intended to provide enjoyable and organized play with a hint of competition. This guideline should be kept in mind by those participating in intramural sports.
  • Statement of Risk: The intramural participant is encouraged to consider his/her personal health and physical condition prior to participation in intramural sports activities. Such participation involves physical exertion, fundamental skills for that sport or activity, and may involve physical contact. The participant, being aware of any conditions predisposing him/her to injury or illness, and in consideration of the inherent physical exertion and possible contact involved in intramural participation, may wish to seek the advice of a physician prior to participation or may choose not to participate at all.
  • Insurance: The intramural program carries NO INSURANCE. Therefore, participants are encouraged to have or obtain health insurance that will provide coverage in the case of an injury occurring as a result of participation.
  • Rules for each sport or activity are available at IM Leagues, under "Rules & Handbooks."
  • The most important "rule of play" consistent to all sport activities is that "sportsman-like conduct " is the order of the day! All activities are supervised with this in mind. Adherence to the rules of each activity is required. Participants are encouraged to offer feedback that may, in the future, enhance the operation of that sport.
  • Special rules are established for many sports so that the activity adapts to the campus needs or facilities.
  • Roster restrictions are placed on those activities where smaller rosters allow for better overall competition
  • Team captains/managers representing each team will be responsible for the conduct of all players. Any difficulties resulting from the contest will be dealt with immediately. Officials and IM Assistants reserve the right to eject players from a contest. The decision of the Coordinator of Intramural Sports/Fitness/Recreation is final.
  • Damage to equipment or facility will be the responsibility of the individual creating the damage.

New Programs

To meet the needs of our campus community, our intramural program must be versatile. It is not unrealistic to initiate several "new programs" one year and not find interest for these same activities the following year. It is the goal of the Intramural Department to offer activities that students desire and to administer those activities in a safe and fair atmosphere.


There are three options for signing up for intramural sports.  You can:

  • Create a team (for team captains)
  • Join a team
  • Join as a Free Agent

All IM sports registration and information is through IM Leagues. All students should create an account on the IM Leagues site to get the latest Penn State Harrisburg intramural sports information, roster registration, game schedules, and more. A registration how-to document is available.

IM Leagues Policies and Procedures

Mandatory Captains’ Meetings

The team captain or a team representative must attend the mandatory captains' meeting for that sport. The date, time, and place of the captain’s meeting will be announced in IM Leagues. Even if you are an expert in the sports, you or a teammate must attend the captains' meeting!  Teams without representation at the captains meeting will be dropped from the league. The captains' meetings typically take an hour and cover the sport's rules, eligibility requirements, and other IM policies and procedures.

Game Schedules and Game Night Procedures

Game schedules will be generated through IM Leagues.
When possible, players should arrive for games 10 minutes prior to start time to sign-in at the game site.  All participants must show their PSU ID card to the IM Assistant on duty prior to EVERY game.

Team Practices and use of IM Fields

The Intramural Sports Department does not coordinate or schedule practice times for teams. Use of the IM Fields must be approved by the IM Sports Coordinator, Mackenzie Hilsinger.