Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Access to Facilities

All faculty, staff, and registered (semester bill paid) students of Penn State Harrisburg are eligible to use the fitness facilities, free of charge.

Except for public events, upon entering the CUB, all users of the facility must swipe-in at the front desk using a current and valid Penn State ID. This is in accordance with Policy AD 73.

Please be advised that the CUB entrance doors will be locked 15 minutes prior to closing. This allows adequate time for building staff to assist patrons with completing workouts and returning equipment. Thank you for vacating the CUB promptly at closing!

Facility Fitness Areas

  1. Main Gymnasium — Basketball, badminton, volleyball, and other court sports. NON-MARKING SHOES MUST BE WORN.
  2. Racquetball Courts — Courts #1, #2, #3. PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR GOGGLES AND NON-MARKING SHOES.
  3. Squash Court — Court #1 is lined for squash
  4. Wallyball Court — Court #1 can be equipped for wallyball, badminton.
  5. Fitness Center — State of the art strength and cardio equipment are part of the 5,000 sq. foot daylight infused fitness room. A plethora of workouts are available on the built-in screens of each piece of cardio equipment.  Cardio Theater is also accessible on many pieces. Satellite TV appears on 6 TV screens within the fitness room. A wide array of strength equipment and free weights provides a well- rounded workout for the novice and the experienced weight lifter.
  6. Locker Room — Semester locker assignments and combination locks can be obtained at the front desk free of charge! Penn State Harrisburg and its staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  7. Equipment for use — Various equipment such as table tennis paddles, balls for all sports, racquetball and badminton racquets, wallyball net and ball, and much more, can be obtained at the lower sign-in desk. Patrons must sign out equipment at the front desk and are responsible for all equipment being returned to the front desk in good condition.

Tennis Courts

Penn State Harrisburg’s Hoverter Tennis Complex features 8 tennis courts including a tennis backboard and rackets.

Intramural Sports Fields

The IM fields are located by the Educational Activities Building (EAB). These fields are reserved for IM sports from 7:00 p.m.—midnight, Monday—Thursday. Recreational use of these fields is possible at the discretion of the IM Coordinator.


A plethora of equipment ranging from bocce ball to flag football (such as flag football, dodge ball, corn hole, etc) can be signed out at the Capital Union Building front desk. Just ask, we probably have it!

Open Recreation

Individuals may participate in any activity of their choice, outside of normally programmed or organized activity.  The following activities have priority use of the fitness areas and are listed in order of priority:

  1. Scheduled University classes (8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Friday)
  2. Varsity team practices and competitions
  3. Intramural sports activities
  4. Sport club team practices and competitions
  5. Open recreation use by Penn State Harrisburg students, staff, and faculty
  6. Penn State Harrisburg affiliated departments, clubs, and organizations

CUB Policies

  • Facility services are made available to those individuals recognized as members of the Penn State Harrisburg community. Upon entering the CUB, all users of the facility must swipe-in at the front desk using a current and valid Penn State ID.  
  • Proper dress is required. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Sports bras are not considered shirts. Shoes for all fitness areas must be rubber-soled and non-marking. Sandals and dress shoes are prohibited in these areas as well. In order to protect machinery upholstery, clothing with buttons and zippers may not be worn in the fitness areas. In keeping with the Penn State Principles, wording on clothing shall not "...compromise or demean the dignity of individuals or groups...."
  • There is a 30-minute time limit per each piece of equipment. Users are expected to exit the machinery after 30 minutes even if no one appears to be waiting.
  • The concept of “working-in” should be practiced.  This means not sitting on equipment while resting in between sets, but rather walking around to cool down and allowing others to work in.
  • Anti-bacterial spray and paper towels are available in the fitness center.  Each equipment user is responsible for cleaning the equipment immediately after use.  Areas to be cleaned include handles, seating areas, control panels, and anywhere else where perspiration might accumulate.
  • Food is not permitted in the fitness areas.  Drinks in spill-proof containers are permitted.
  • Loose personal items including gym bags are not permitted in the fitness areas and should be secured in available lockers located in the fitness room and/or the first floor locker rooms. Semester locker assignments and combination locks can be obtained at the front desk free of charge! Kinesiology students may obtain a combination lock and be assigned a locker during the semester that they are attending their kinesiology class in the CUB.
  • The use of profanity, loud grunting, talking on cell phones while in the fitness areas, etc. is prohibited and considered unacceptable workout behavior.  Please refrain from these behaviors.

Job Opportunities

Positions for CUB Front Desk, Fitness Attendants and Intramural Sports Student Officials are available as needed.  Please contact the CUB front desk at 717-948-6445 to inquire about available positions.

Two Front Desk Student Monitors

CUB Front Desk Student Monitors

Fitness Room Student Monitor

Fitness Room Student Monitor

Intramural Sports Student Officials

Intramural Sports Student Officials