Indoor Walking Routes/Fitness

Indoor Walking Routes/Fitness


The business of Penn State Harrisburg is education. Therefore, be mindful that the Olmsted building is a place of business, not a fitness track. Please use the indoor route in a safe, considerate manner, yielding the way to others in the hallway.

The indoor walking routes are primarily for use during inclement weather. We encourage walking outside and enjoying the campus walking routes when weather permits. However, when you choose to use an Olmsted indoor walking route, please observe the following:

  • Keep voices low when talking to a walking partner.
  • Remember to walk in the center of the hall to avoid disrupting the flow of traffic and avoid collisions as people exit classrooms and office suites.
  • Walk at a speed that will not startle or disrupt others in the hallway.
  • If you walk through Stack’s Market, please do so at a slow rate of speed, using it as a final cool down route back to your office suite.
  • Using the steps between floors adds a beneficial element to your exercise course. However, please use handrails and be courteous of others on the stairs.

Finally, use of the Olmsted hallways as a walking route is a privilege. If abused, it could be taken away. Please remember to follow the reminders listed above and be courteous at all times to students, colleagues and visitors as they also go about their business in the building.

Indoor Walking Routes

Since it is possible to create many different 'loops' for indoor walking, and a walking route should be as customized to the walker as possible, we've provided below the distances of various sections of the Olmsted Building (2nd or 3rd floor). Depending on what stairs you take, and how many wings you go down, you can create a variety of loops of varying distance.

Here are a few examples:

  • No steps: Start at any point on the loop. Walk the perimeter of the colored areas shown (including the East and West wings) back to where you began.
    Distance: 1740' (about 1/3 mile; 580' x 2 + 145' x 4).
  • No wings: Start at any point on the loop. Walk the length of the hallway (red), then back to the other end of the hallway, then back to where you began.
    Distance: 1160' (just over 1/5 mile; 580' x 2).
  • 1/2 mile loop: Start in the main hallway (red), at the entrance to either wing (East or West). Walk down and back in the wing (yellow), and proceed to the next wing. Walk this wing as well, returning to the main hallway. At the end of the hallway, take the stairs one floor up/down. Continue along the perimeter on this floor, again walking down and back both wings, taking the steps back to your original floor at the end of the hallway. Then walk past your starting point to the opposite wing.
    Distance: 2668' (just over 1/2 mile; 580' x 2 + 145' x 8 + 348').
  • "The Stair Climber": Start at either end of the hallway (red) and turn down the first wing (yellow). At the end of the wing, take the stairs one floor up/down. Proceed down the wing back to the main hallway (red) and continue to the next wing. Proceed down the wing and take the stairs back to the floor you started on. Walk down the wing back to the main hallway (red) and continue in the original direction. At the end of the hallway, take the stairs to the next floor up/down and walk the length of the hallway (red) back to your starting point.
    Distance: 1740' (about 1/3 mile, NOT including the steps; 580' x 2 + 145' x 4).

Other Indoor Fitness Areas

The CUB provides the use of exercise equipment at no charge to full-time employees simply by showing their PSU ID cards. Also available are racquetball courts and a weight room. If you are not sure of the location of these facilities, please ask at the information desk inside the main entrance.

In our Aquatics Center, the pool is open to employees for lap swimming with the added assistance of kick boards if needed. Please check the schedule online for available times.