Title II Report (Higher Education Act of 1998)

Title II Report (Higher Education Act of 1998)

Title II of the Higher Education Act addresses teacher quality. The Higher Education Opportunity Act (Public Law 110-315) (HEOA) was enacted on August 14, 2008, and reauthorizes the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended. Among other things, the law requires Institutions of Higher Education to report pass rates of their teacher preparation program graduates (completers) on tests needed for licensure or certification. Each year Penn State Harrisburg submits an institution report to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) in compliance with Title II, and General Standard for the Institutional Preparation of Professional Educators -- Chapter 354. 

You may view the Pass Rates of past graduate cohorts.

Interpretation Notes:

  1. A student is labeled a “pass” if he/she has passed all tests required for a Pennsylvania teaching certification. This includes both the Basic Skills (PAPA or Praxis Core) and the content tests (Praxis or PECT).  
  2. Title II does not adjust its pass rate calculations to align with states’ policies. PDE policy provides alternate qualifying scores on tests:
    • A Composite Score Method, which permits candidates with one or more high test scores to make up for one or more low scores;   and
    • A sliding scale based on grade point average (GPA),
    • When students qualify through one or both of these scoring methods, they typically do not retake the tests, since their scores are enough for certification. 
  3. Penn State Harrisburg pass rates would be much higher if Title II  used PDE qualifying scores. 

    Effect of Counting the PDE-qualifying Scores.
    Total Number of graduates/completers 46  
    Passed all tests 26  
    Qualified via Alternate Scoring Method 16  
    Total # of qualified graduates/completers 42 42/46 =  91%


  4. Tests taken after 8/31/16 are not included in the Pass Rate calculations; they will be included in the 2016-2017 report. Two candidates earned passing scores on retests taken after 8/31/16.

    Effect of the Scores
    Total Number of graduates/completers 48  
    Total # of qualified graduates/completers 42 42/46 =  91%
    Passed after 8/31/16 2  
    Total qualifying from the class of completers:  44 44/46 = 96%


  5. Single assessment pass rates are not calculated for any test with fewer than 10 takers. We have calculated the pass rates for individual tests in Table 4.  Our students are performing better than the Pass Rates suggest.

    Certification Tests for 2015-16 Completers
    Certification Tests Number of Completers Taking Test Number  of Completers with a Passing or Qualifying Score* Pass/Qualified Rate on This Test
    PAPA Module 1-Reading 36 34 94%
    PAPA Module 2-Math 35 34 97%
    PAPA Module 3-Writing 36 33 92%
    English 7 7 100%
    Mathematics 6 4 67%
    Social Studies 10 10 100%
    Grades 4-8 Subtest Pedagogy 5 5 100%
    Grades 4-8 Subtest Eng Lang Arts & Soc Studies 5 5 100%
    Grades 4-8 Subtest Math & Science 5 5 100%
    Grades 4-8 Subtest Subj Conc Social Studies 2 2 100%
    Grades 4-8 Subtest Subj Conc Mathematics 3 3 100%
    PreK-4 Module 1 17 17 100%
    PreK-4 Module 2 17 17 100%
    PreK-4 Module 3 17 17 100%
    AVERAGE     96%
    *Includes those passing after 8/31/16