Required Clearances

Required Clearances

The following requirements are for the following students:

  • All students enrolled in CI 295 or EDUC 313

  • All Elementary Education majors

  • All SESST majors

  • All students in undergraduate or post-baccalaureate Secondary Education programs for English, Math, or Social Studies

Students must obtain clear background checks before entering any public or private schools in Pennsylvania for the purpose of completing educational field experiences and student teaching. This process must be repeated for each year that the student is enrolled in a Teacher Education Program.

Please hand deliver your originals and two copies of each of the four required background checks to Mr. Joel Geary, Certification Officer, W331 Olmsted Building, Office C, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.. His phone number is 717-948-6367, and his email is

FBI Clearance and Fingerprint Check

​Register online and enter your Service Code: 1KG6RT or call 844-321-2101

ACT 34 Clearance: Request for Criminal Background Check

​Register online by clicking on "Submit a New Record Check”

  • Read the terms and conditions (we suggest you print them) and then Accept them.

  • Complete Personal Data. Reason for background check is “Other”.

  • Return to website and click on "Check the status of a Record Check"

ACT 151 Clearance: Child Abuse History

  • You may obtain forms from the Pennsylvania Child Welfare Information Solution

  • The electronic submission process requires the individual to register for a Keystone ID. After clicking the link shown on the webpage above, click “Create an Individual Account. There is a registration to fill out, and then you wait for an email that contains a temporary password. Return to the login page and enter your temporary password. Then establish a password that is easy to remember.

  • When selecting the purpose for your Child Abuse History Clearance, please select “School Employee Governed by Public School Code”.

  • There is an alternative paper submission if you prefer. Directions are shown on the same webpage under Paper Submission.

Tuberculosis (TB) Test

  • ​Submit evidence of results from a TB test conducted no more than 90 days preceding your first day of visitation to the field placement site.

  • Test can be provided by personal physician or Health and Wellness Services in the CUB.

  • Students may schedule an appointment at Health and Wellness for a Monday or Tuesday and then return in two days to have the test read and to get results.

  • Please remember to bring your originals and two copies of each document to W331 Olmsted Building, to the attention of Janet Althouse for verification.