All College Opening Day Celebration 2023

August 16, 2023


Staff transitions between units or positions this past year

Office of the Bursar

  • Amy Hickoff is the new Financial Assistant 4 in the Office of the Bursar. Amy began her career at Penn State Harrisburg in Counseling & Disabilities Services. Amy previously worked as the administrative assistant for Recreation Athletics and Aquatics.
  • Alison Shuler is the new Proposal and Award Generalist (AP) in the finance office. Alison previously served as the program and internship coordinator for the homeland security programs and education program assistant in the School of Public Affairs.

Counseling and Psychological Services

  • Eric Holmes was promoted to Clinical Social Worker/Mental Health Therapist 5 as new the Assistant Director of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Previously Eric was a Clinical Social Worker/Mental Health Therapist 4 as Counselor. Eric will now lead the Graduate Training Internship Program at CAPS and serve as our CAPS-liaison to the Athletics department.
  • Megan Tanner was hired full-time as Clinical Social Worker/Mental Health Therapist 3 as the new Counselor with Intimate Partner Violence Focus at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Previously Megan was a part-time Counselor at CAPS. Megan also serves as our CAPS-liaison to LGTBQIA+ students.

John Crain Kunkel Career Center

  • Colleen M. Monismith was promoted to Administrative Support Assistant 3 for Career Services. Previously, Colleen was an Administrative Support Assistant 2 and first point of contact for the unit. Colleen will continue to provide above and beyond administrative and student support and grow in her new responsibilities.

Registrar's Office

  • Michelle Bogovic joined the registrar’s office in February, after previously supporting the mechanical engineering department part-time. She now works with the schedule of courses and provides student support for registration and other academic matters.

School of Business Administration

  • Amy Atkins accepted the role of Administrative Support Coordinator for the School of Business Administration. She previously served as graduate program contact, administrating the MBA, MSIS, JD/MBA, and IUG programs in the SBA. This is Amy's tenth year with Penn State. 

School of Public Affairs

  • Melissa Forkey joined the School of Public Affairs on November 23rd, 2022. Melissa has been with Penn State Harrisburg since 2019 and previously worked in the School of Humanities. Melissa is the Administrative Support Assistant for Homeland Security.

Student Disability Resources

  • Eileen Garney is the new Coordinator for Student Disability Resources. Eileen previously served as a Workforce and Economic Development Specialist in Continuing Education. Eileen now leads proctored testing accommodations and testing operations for registered students with disabilities.
  • Colleen Livingston was hired full-time as the new Assistant Director of Student Disability Resources. Previously Colleen was the part-time Testing Coordinator for Student Disability Resources. Colleen will now lead the unit, overseeing all operations of Student Disability Resources to enhance accessibility to our students with disabilities.

New Employees 2023 (hired Aug. 10, 2022 - Aug. 10, 2023)