Douds and Ahlin book examines correctional policies

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Anne Douds, lecturer in criminal justice, and Eileen Ahlin, assistant professor of criminal justice, both at Penn State Harrisburg, have recently had their book, “Rethinking America’s Correctional Policies: Commonsense Choices from Uncommon Voices,” published by Lexington Books.

The book brings together the experiences of men who served time in prison with contemporary research on correctional policy. It examines first-person accounts of inmate experiences within the correctional system, as well as what policies actually work to promote the rehabilitative and restorative models of justice espoused by policymakers.

Each chapter opens with a vignette, a recollection of an event or series of events, about an inmate’s experience during the various phases of correctional processing. These first-hand accounts have been collected from men who served time in prison. Their individual stories are examined and then related to a broader analysis of the underlying social and policy issues to which that vignette speaks.

About the book, Ahlin said, “This book covers the timely topic of correctional policy at a time of needed criminal justice reform to mitigate the overextended prison system.”

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