Harrisburg campus to host 'The State of Innovation: Generating Ideas to Grow'

The Grow PA event will discuss economic development in Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Officials from Penn State, chambers of commerce and trade associations, along with business and civic leaders from across the state, will meet at Penn State Harrisburg from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 25, to discuss the economic challenges facing Pennsylvania, and to help generate ideas to drive innovation and prosperity across the commonwealth.

Penn State University Executive Vice President and Provost Nick Jones is scheduled to offer remarks.

Key stakeholders, including Penn State, have been working together on an initiative – Grow PA – to help revitalize Pennsylvania’s innovation economy by promoting the development of a state-wide innovation strategy and increased investment in innovation.

“We are pleased to host the inaugural Grow PA meeting here at Penn State Harrisburg and to participate with the entire University on Grow PA to advance innovation in Pennsylvania with the goal of creating new jobs, industries, and products,” said Chancellor John M. Mason Jr. “Penn State is an important resource for Pennsylvania, and through its Invent Penn State initiative works to drive job creation, economic development and student career success.”

At the event, experts from the Brookings Institution will present findings from their newly released report, "Ideas for Pennsylvania’s Innovation Policy," and will provide an in-depth keynote comparison and analysis of Pennsylvania’s innovation economy and its leading competition. Participants will also hear talks from leaders who are pioneering new initiatives in their communities, both urban and rural, and gain a new perspective to help drive growth in Pennsylvania.

Grow PA began in the fall of 2017 as a virtual discussion among stakeholders from various sectors of Pennsylvania business and civic community through a digital forum to share stories of innovation from around the state. It has evolved into a movement focused around three pillars, working to modernize all facets of our infrastructure, accelerate health care innovation and transform post-secondary education.