All graduate students in Engineering Management are required to adhere to the requirements of the Graduate School, as found in the Graduate Degree Programs Bulletin. The requirements of the Graduate School, however, are minimum requirements and the policies, procedures, and regulations listed below are additional and more specific for graduate students pursuing the MPS in Engineering Management degree. Advisers will call pertinent regulations to the attention of their advisees, but it should be understood that it is the student’s personal responsibility to see that all requirements are satisfied.

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Engineering Management is a 33-credit graduate program that integrates engineering with business and management principles. The multi-disciplinary, broadly based MPS program will provide engineers with business and management perspectives to enhance capabilities in management of large projects.

All MPS students will be required to take seven core courses (21 credits) focusing on economic analysis, communication and teamwork, management processes, corporate finance, energy and the environment, and engineering analysis.

The curriculum requires the completion of two free electives (6 credits) in any of the engineering disciplines, and a culminating experience through a two-course sequence (6 credits) on strategic management of new ventures and innovations. Of the 33 credits required for the degree, 30 credits must be earned in 500-level graduate courses.

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