The MS CE Program consists of 31 credits total:

  • 18 credits at the graduate-only, 500-or higher level.
    • This includes 6 credits of master’s thesis research (CE 600).
  • Completion of both online and in-class research ethics training.
  • 1 credit Colloquium course (CE 590)
  • 3 credit course in advanced mathematics or statistics (choice of EMCH 524A or STAT 500)
  • Four (4) civil engineering courses selected by student as specialization classes.
    • 9 credits must be at 500 level
  • 9 credits of relevant electives from engineering, science, policy, or business.
    • Pre-approval is required for courses not on the master course list.


  • The degree requires a quality master’s thesis based upon independent research.
  • If a student does not have the appropriate prerequisites for a course in the graduate program, the student will be required to take the prerequisite prior to the graduate course. That prerequisite potentially would not count toward the graduate degree.
  • The degree must be completed in no more than 6 years.

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