400 Level Courses
Course Number Course Title

CE 421

Transportation Design

CE 422

Transportation Planning

CE 423

Traffic Operations

CE 432

Construction Project Management

CE 435

Foundation Engineering

CE 436

Construction Engineering Materials

CE 441

Structural Design of Foundations

CE 447

Structural Analysis by Matrix Methods

CE 449

Advanced Structural Design

CE 462

Open Channel Hydraulics

CE 475

Water Quality Chemistry

E MCH 400

Advanced Strength of Materials and Design

ENVE 417

Hydraulic Design

May not be repeated for graduate credit if taken in support of an undergraduate degree; no more than 12 credits allowed.

500 Level Courses
Course Number Course Title

CE 512

Soil Mechanics II

CE 513

Advanced Foundation Engineering

CE 523

Analysis of Transportation Demand

CE 541

Structural Analysis

CE 545

Metal Structure Behavior and Design

CE 543

Prestressed Concrete Behavior and Design

CE 544

Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures

CE 548

Structural Design for Dynamic Loads

CE 549

Bridge Engineering I

CE 550

Engineering Construction Management

CE 555

Groundwater Hydrology: Analysis and Modeling

CE 561

Surface Hydrology

CE 570

Aquatic Chemistry

CE 581

Pavement Management and Rehabilitation

CE 582

Pavement Design and Analysis 

CE 583

Bituminous Materials and Mixtures

CE 584

Concrete Materials and Properties

ENVE 550

Chemical Fate and Transport


Mathematical Methods in Engineering

STAT 500

Applied Statistics

Note: Electives may also be chosen from 500-level offerings in engineering, mathematics, statistics, or computer science with department pre-approval.

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