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Institute looks at impact of COVID-19 pandemic on employment in PA

Continuing its analysis on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Pennsylvania, the Institute of State and Regional Affairs at Penn State Harrisburg released a report comparing the economic impact of the pandemic on business sectors in Pennsylvania, finding that unemployment claims grew at an alarming rate from the week of March 21 through the week of April 11, and may continue to grow past 2 million.

Recognizing the Class of 2020

The Penn State alumni family grew by more than 15,000 this past weekend as the University recognized its spring 2020 graduates in a livestreamed commencement ceremony, which took place on Saturday, May 9.

My Road to Commencement: Nicole Hill

Nicole Hill, who will receive her bachelor of science in electrical engineering as a member of Penn State Harrisburg’s Class of 2020, decided she wanted to be an engineer after building her first robot in 11th grade, winning second place in a competition. Further fueling her determination and commitment to study engineering was the desire to see more African American women in that field.

My road to commencement: Jessica Sheets

Penn State Harrisburg senior Jessica Sheets and her father, Ethan, have a lot in common, including both having had their commencement ceremonies preempted by historic events — hers by the coronavirus epidemic, and his by Hurricane Agnes in 1972.