Digital Signage Request Form

  • Events must be entered in the 25Live calendar system in order to appear in the Upcoming Events rotation (all signs).
  • Separate panels for events will generally not be approved for display campus-wide, but are eligible for consideration for location-specific signs.
  • See the Digital Signage System page for more information.

Signage Panel Specifications

  • Size: 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio)
    This is "landscape" orientation (horizontal, not vertical)
  • PNG or JPG
  • Recommended: create the panel as a widescreen (16:9) MS PowerPoint slide and then export the final product as an image file
  • Note: You must have rights to use any image (i.e. no copyrighted images used without permission)
Your Information
Send a copy of this request to an additional address. Note that you will receive a copy by default, at the address above.
Signage Panel Information
Internal use only. Will not appear on display.
Signs Requested
Signs of interest to the entire campus. Note: events should be entered in 25Live for inclusion in the Upcoming Events feed.
E.g., Box Office, School-specific signs, etc.
Specific Signs
Upload requirements
Please complete this form as fully as possible. Incomplete answers or missing information may affect our ability to meet your requested deadline.
Comments/Other Instructions