Reservation Policy

Reservation Policy

The intent of this policy is to make the theatres available, through an orderly process, for use by Penn State Harrisburg faculty, staff and students. The following procedures are recommended for individuals or groups requesting the use of the Kulkarni Theatre or the Educational Activities Building (EAB) Black Box Theatre.

The theatres are precious assets for the college community, available to help us meet the need for cultural, social and arts programming, preparing events for the entire college community.  Towards that end, our theatre and music faculty will schedule programs each semester during the times listed below.  Consequently, during these times, the theatre will be available for other purposes on a limited basis.  

Kulkarni Theatre: month of October; last week of November to early December; mid-March through mid-April; late April through first week of May.

EAB Black Box Theatre: mid-October to mid-November; mid-January to mid-February. In addition, there are multiple scheduled classes in this space.

Listed below is a basic three (3) step process for Penn State groups to request the use of the theatre facilities:

For University Affiliated Groups: (For a faculty, student or staff member/group to qualify as “affiliated,” the activity must have the support of their Advisor/Director or School Director/Department Head.)

  1. Fill out the Theatre Facility Request form and allow 2 business days for a response. The contact information on the form should be for the organizer of the event. Signature(s) of your Program, School or Department head, or Club advisor, may be required before a request is approved and the reservation confirmed

  2. After the request form is reviewed, the Arts Administrator will contact you to discuss the request in detail. At this time, you must be able to provide the following information:

    1. Purpose for your use of the facility.
    2. Dates and times that you need the facility (alternate dates, as well as preferred date are advised).
    3. Set-up and tear down times (a copy of the work order may be required if Maintenance and Operations will be involved in the set-up and teardown).
  3. After discussion and review of the form details, you will be advised on the confirmation or suggestion for another space. If confirmed, you will receive a signed copy of the form in campus mail or via email. ONLY a fully signed form indicates a confirmed reservation.

    (Please note: All facilities must be left in the same condition that they were found. Should the facility not be found in its original condition, you and/or your group will be responsible for any charges incurred returning it to its original condition. Also, any damage caused to the facilities will be the responsibility of the individual and/or group involved.)

General Information

  1. It is recommended that notice be given at least 2 months in advance of the date requested.  Events will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Any event considered potentially harmful to the public image of Penn State Harrisburg will be rejected.
  3. Any event considered potentially harmful to the facility will be rejected.
  4. While all equipment and set-up details must be discussed with and approved in advance, you and/or your group are responsible for the set-up, maintenance work orders and notification of Police Services for parking needs.

Additional Information

  1. If your event end time goes over the hours listed on your request form, you may be charged for the additional hours for technical or support staff.
  2. All times submitted on your request forms MUST include set-up and teardown time.
  3. Additional meetings may be needed to finalize your event needs.
  4. Except in very rare cases, NO ALCOHOL, FOOD or DRINK are allowed in the theatres.