Intercultural Programs

Intercultural Programs

ISSS has implemented various programs to facilitate intercultural sharing, and promote Penn State Harrisburg’s goals for academic excellence, diversity and global citizenship. Check the calendar for all the wonderful programs and events.

  • The Global Ambassador Program trains future world leaders by involving students with planning and implementing international students programs, participating in community services and building relations with students, faculty and community leaders. Expectations for this group of highly motivated and dedicated students include a passion for international students, a team spirit and a sincere desire to serve others.

  • Our Global Lion Mentor Program supports international students in their transition to Penn State Harrisburg through on-campus activities and off-campus events. Mentees are new international students, who can apply to participate before they arrive in Penn State Harrisburg. Mentors are both international students and domestic students. The peer-to-peer program assists international students in adjusting to the new environment, both academically and socially.

  • The Fun English Conversation Program brings international students, domestic students and local residents together to play games and speak English. Nice program to help build English conversation skills and make new friends.

  • The Lunch with an International Flavor meets once or twice a month. Each luncheon features a country or a region of the world. Students from the featured country or region of the world present their native culture. This program brings together internationals and Americans to interact while sampling cuisines of the world.

  • The International Coffee Hour is a intercultural program that features snacks from a country or a region of the world. It brings Penn State Harrisburg students, faculty, staff, and community members for conversation together over coffee, tea and international snacks.

  • Our Cultural Celebrations are designed to celebrate major holidays of the world to showcase performances of the students and community artisans. The events promote cultural sharing, internationalization and global interaction.

  • The Thanksgiving Luncheon is a cultural/educational event that provides a unique opportunity for international students to have a Thanksgiving lunch while learning from domestic students about the customs, traditions, and holidays celebrated in the United States.

  • Our World Fest/International Education Week is a festival that boasts international displays, a parade of many countries, global cuisines and multinational performances. It offers a wonderful opportunity for students, faculty and staff to virtually “travel” around the world. The mission of the World Fest is to enhance international education and facilitate the internationalization of Penn State Harrisburg.

  • The Cooking and Crafts Group offers local residents and students to meet new people, cook together, share recipes, practice English and create beautiful crafts.

  • Our Global Speakers Program provides opportunities for cross-cultural sharing and learning by bringing international students into local schools or civic groups of the community.

  • The International Friendship Program provides local residents with an opportunity to extend friendship and hospitality to international students who are new to the community.

  • The Community Connections Program offers community volunteers to connect with students at Penn State Harrisburg. The mission is to facilitate resources and foster intercultural understanding with programs to enrich the vitality of the region by bringing people of diverse national origins together for global interactions and intercultural learning.