Global Lions Mentor Program

Global Lions Mentor Program


Welcome to the Global Lions Mentor (GLM) Program! This peer mentorship program provides an opportunity for international and domestic students, to experience what it is like to create a positive impact on a fellow student’s life. The role of such mentors is to serve as a voluntary guide to new international students. The mentors help the incoming students effectively, as they transition into the Penn State Harrisburg campus community by sharing and imparting wisdom, skills, and providing adequate support.

Mentor recruitment takes place via e-mail invitation at the beginning of the spring semester of each academic year. The application to participate, as a mentee, is open to incoming international students prior to arriving at Penn State Harrisburg. The Global Lions Mentor staff will email new international students the application form once they are accepted into the university. All new international students, in their first semester, are eligible for the GLM program. Once mentees complete the application to join the program, they will be introduced to their assigned Global Lion Mentor. We look forward to you joining the GLM program and experiencing the multiple benefits the program has to offer!

Mentor Application Process

The GLM program begins recruiting mentors in January for the following academic year. At this time (January), applications will be open and available  or as hard copies in SEC-112 in the Office of Student Life. After the application deadline, applications will be reviewed and students will be notified and possibly invited for a short interview. Following the completion of the interviews, students will again be notified and potential mentors will then need to attend the required training. Once this training is completed, mentors will be ready to receive mentees.

Benefits of Being a Mentor

This volunteer opportunity would help you build your interpersonal skills, expand your global connections and perspective, by interacting with your peers. Most importantly, the Global Lions program involvement is self-fulfilling in that the experience will be rewarding as you help someone succeed and overcome hurdles as they transition in to a new culture. 

Involvement of Domestic Students in the GLM Program

The GLM program would greatly benefit from having more domestic students as mentors. They can serve as a bridge between the international students to their American peers and as a connection to the local community. In addition, this volunteer opportunity offers an opportunity for both domestic and international students to enhance their personal growth and development through cross-cultural experiences. 

Mentor Time Commitment

The GLM program is a year-long commitment beginning with the required training in April. Mentors may begin receiving mentees as early as May. The time that you have to invest is flexible, and depends on your academic commitments. However, we encourage you to reach out to your mentee at least once a week especially, during the first two months, as this time period is the most crucial for the new students' cultural adjustment. 

Mentor Requirements

Mentors are required to hold a minimum 2.5 GPA, should have a desire to assist new international students, go through the interview process, and attend a mandatory training.  In addition, mentors are required to frequently be in touch with their mentees during the academic year, and attend at least 2 GLM events in a semester, and complete a mentor and mentee reporting log twice per year.

Changing the Assigned Mentor/Mentee

Students always have the option of changing the assigned mentor or mentee. If there is any reason that is causing you discomfort, please feel free to contact either Dorca Kisare-Ressler at or Wendy Moynihan at and they will assign you with a new mentor or mentee.

Quitting the GLM Program

This is a voluntary commitment. If you can no longer desire to continue with the program you may choose to opt out, at any given time. We only ask that you notify the GLM Coordinator (Dorca Kisare-Ressler) and your assigned mentee/mentees before exiting the program.

Being Dropped from the GLM Program

Yes, if you do not follow the university student conduct regulations, do not meet the criteria outlined by the GLM guidelines such as maintaining a minimum 2.5 GPA, or if there is any other ethical violation you will be dropped from the program.