Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


The School of Humanities Strategic Plan is intended to promote high-quality four-year undergraduate education, including numerous and crucial general education offerings for all students; electives for all students; and upper-division majors and graduate programs that are student-centered, embody interdisciplinary learning, and serve the needs of the region, the Commonwealth, and the nation. The overall goals of the School are to

  • offer innovative interdisciplinary curricula, building on current programs, for both undergraduate and graduate students;
  • seek excellent and appropriate physical facilities and technological support for our curricular and co-curricular activities, creative work, and outreach activities;
  • engage our community with creative programs in the arts and humanities; and
  • build collections and offer services that extend the School's mission to our larger community.


The School of Humanities is committed to providing interdisciplinary education at all levels of student learning. From general education courses (that set the stage for advanced critical thought, self-reflection, global perspective, and oral/written communication skills) and enhancement activities in the fine and performing arts to advanced study (that fosters cutting-edge discovery connecting the varied elements that define our society), the School of Humanities serves the entire college, its staff, students and communities beyond.