Minor in Writing

Minor in Writing

Writing is valued as a mode of learning, as a means of expression, and as a skill highly desirable in the workplace. Personal development, interpersonal communication, and professional marketability may all be enhanced by the further study and practice of writing. For these reasons, the Writing minor offers students from virtually every discipline across the University an opportunity to learn more about a wide variety of writing: informative/persuasive, professional, and creative, while improving their own writing skills through hands-on writing experiences.

In addition to offering students opportunities to study and practice different types of writing, the minor affords students the opportunity to write for/in different media, producing both print and electronic texts.

For the Writing minor, a total of 18 credits is required. Students may not count courses used to satisfy General Education Writing/Speaking Skills. A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor.

Students must apply for entrance to the minor after achieving fifth semester classification (see Undergraduate Bulletin).

Requirements for the Minor: 18 Credits